Pictures Of Rahul Gandhi Practising \’Aikido\’ Send The Internet In To A Tizzy

Pictures Of Rahul Gandhi Practising \’Aikido\’ Send The Internet In To A Tizzy

In a tweet shared by Congress, the Congress Vice President can be seen performing various Aikido positions with a Sensei, Paritos Kar.

— Bharad (@bharad) October 31, 2017

Aikido is a Japanese form of self-defence and martial art that uses locks, holds, throws, and the opponent\’s own movements.

The tweet comes a claim by him in which he said that he is an Aikido black belt holder. \”I am a black belt in Aikido – have you heard of it? But I don\’t talk about it publicly. I do one hour of sports every day, though I admit I haven\’t been doing much in the past three-four months,\” Mr Gandhi said at a business event when boxer Vijender had reportedly said that politicians rarely promoted or participated in sports.

Twitter, obviously, can\’t process the news:


Bhaiya @bharad But Mr @OfficeOfRG to already Black belt hain na phir pata nahi kyu iss pic mein wo starter/intern se kyu lag rahe hain? 🤔🤔

— DIVYANSHU DIVY (@I_DIVYANSHU) November 1, 2017


This practice session does not guarantee that @OfficeOfRG will win any elections against Modi/BJP. 😂

— narad ka khabri (@SangareAmar) November 1, 2017


You must know him to believe him. Pictures are always static. Black belt in #Aikido demands years of practice and there are no shortcuts 👍

— Bharad (@bharad) November 1, 2017


Then it seems @OfficeOfRG hasn\’t been practicing #Aikodo at all…going by the lifelong disconnect between his mind and body.

— Rita Singh (@Rita_2110) November 1, 2017


😂I think then a celebrity match event between RaGa & Akshay Kr(karate) will be a V good idea to promote Aikido b/w ppl to get such harmony.?

— DIVYANSHU DIVY (@I_DIVYANSHU) November 1, 2017


Sabko black Belt miltaa hain..apne RaGa ko Black Petticoat mil gayaa Lol Lol 😂😂😂😂😂

— Adwait Wadekar (@SacchaCongresi) November 1, 2017


just like his fake Harvard degree he got fake black belt frm Palika Bazar. What an embarrassment pappu is,2 himself & 2 his party of #PIDIs

— Ghaatak Force (@Captainhighbury) November 1, 2017

To be honest, it all started a week ago when a tweet on \”Pidi Gandhi\” made it to twitter from his official account.

Ppl been asking who tweets for this guy..I\’m coming\’s me..Pidi..I\’m way 😎 than him. Look what I can do with a tweet..oops..treat!

— Office of RG (@OfficeOfRG) October 29, 2017

The tweet has drawn over 400 likes and nearly 200 re-tweets.

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