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Earlier this month in China, a tai chi master squared off against an amateur kickboxer. The fight was over in five seconds after just one punch in the latest embarrassing loss for traditional Chinese martial arts.

The 47-year-old master named Zhu Chunping had been honing his skills for decades. His opponent, the 22-year-old Yao Hantian, had been training for about a year. The bout took place in Suzhou with the organizer purposefully setting the two disciplines against each other to find out which was better suited for combat.

In footage of the fight, the two are seen shaking hands and briefly sizing each other up before Yao knocks Zhu to the floor with a single punch to the face. The referee quickly calls the match and gets down on the floor to make sure that Zhu doesn’t choke on his own tongue. Fortunately, after about a minute, Zhu was well enough to walk down from the ring without assistance.

Following the match, Yao, a sports media student at the Shanghai University of Sport, told a reporter that he had taken up kickboxing for some fun and exercise and was surprised when his fight with the master ended with just one punch.

The result was similar to an infamous match from last year in which another tai chi master was beaten to the ground by an MMA fighter in just 10 seconds. Afterward, the master blamed his loss on his “slippery shoes” and said that he was holding back his true power so as not to kill his opponent.

Meanwhile, the MMA fighter issued a challenge to any traditional Chinese martial arts masters who believed that they could take him down in a no-holds-barred fight, even bragging that he was willing to go up against two or three “masters” at the same time to prove to the world that they are nothing but frauds.

Last month, traditional Chinese martial arts briefly restored a bit of its honor when a Shaolin-trained fighter knocked out an African “boxing champ” in just 43 seconds. However, it was soon revealed that the African boxer was no “champion” but an international student trying to earn some extra money.

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