The Best Pilates in Toronto

This small, independent boutique studio near King and Spadina focuses on private and semi-private classes in two large spaces. It also has the added benefit of a Cadillac reformer in the middle of the room for extensive Pilates movements. You know you\’ve perfected your Pilates moves when you get upgraded to the Mack Daddy of Pilates machines.

The go-to space for a fusion of Pilates, dance and yoga, this studio\’s two central locations have acquired a cult-following which means classes are usually waitlisted. There\’s something very pure about practicing Pilates in a former church as is the case with the West Queen West location. The Misfit method is rooted in yoga, informed by Pilates and inspired by dance.

This Beaches studio offers a variety of Pilates options. You can take a regular mat class, a private session, or stimulate your workout with a springboard or Tower class which uses springs to elevate the experience. It\’s a perfect combination of cardio and strength.

As the name implies, strengthening your core is the central theme at this Leslieville studio. The studio combines Pilates and physiotherapy for an integration of Physio Pilates. Whether you’re there for fitness or rehab, CoreWorks offers semi-private and private classes with programs that are tailored to your needs.

There’s something for everyone at this Queen West studio. They have three separate rooms dedicated to reformer classes, TRX core workouts, and a smaller private studio for one-on-one sessions.

One of the largest Pilates studio in the city, Body Harmonics follows a contemporary Pilates principles with classic moves (think roll ups and the 100). With over 120 classes weekly, both studios— Dupont and Forest Hill—offer reformer and regular mat classes that focus on mobility and strength.

A staple in the Yorkville neighbourhood, the boutique studio gets to the heart of Pilates through strengthening and lengthening exercises. Pilates can be done in the large mat room, or the designated Reformer class with six machines. The best part about the studio is its use of natural light with floor-to-ceiling windows.

This spot occupies two studios in the Artscape Youngplace building near Queen and Ossington, and uses its space appropriately. It offers pilates in mat, reformer, Barre, and yoga/pilates combo classes.

This movement wellness studio in Dovercourt Village offers Pilates classes ranging from regular mat to Springboard, ball classes and a fusion yoga/Pilates class using all types of props. If you’re still not sure that Pilates is for you, try your first class for free.

The best Pilates studios in Toronto put a little spin on tradition while focusing on the foundational structures of the workout: strength, length and core. Pilates takes you through movements that focus on coordination, control, and awareness. Named after its founder, Joseph Pilates, the method was developed for dancers and injury prevention.

Here are the best Pilates studios in Toronto.

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