Michael Myers: Why Pilates is Great for Men

When Joseph Pilates brought his method to New York City in the 1920’s most of his clients were males. It’s been said that the Pilates method, which he called ‘Contrology’ was created by a man for men. Yes, Pilates for men was the original intent.

And, while it wasn’t too long before his client base was male and female overtime more women than men became the usual practitioners. However, the benefits of Pilates for men have not changed.

Pilates is often marketed as an exercise methodology that creates flexibility, long lean muscles and great for physical therapy. But, those benefits barely cut the surface of how amazing Pilates is.

Pilates challenges all types of bodies and its main benefit is to strengthen the muscles. When done regularly Pilates will create strength and balance in every muscle in your body.

In the past few years, many athletes have been adding Pilates into their workout regimen. Football players, Baseball, basketball and more! It’s no longer a secret that Pilates is helping men take their workouts to the next level.

But, you don’t have to take my word for it! My client Michael Myers share his Pilates journey-

“I have been a Pilates enthusiast for about 3 1/2 Years now, and it has been a complete game changer for my body. I was a collegiate athlete, where I played Division I football, so needless to say my body was broken. I couldn’t get through a normal day without being in excruciating pain, whether it be my knees or my back, there was always something. Once I found Pilates all of that changed. Starting with my mind/body awareness. Being able to mentally and physically have an awareness of my body helped work through minor injuries with simple body adjustments. Once I was able to correct minor adjustments I was then able to transfer my mind/body awareness to the weight room. Where I felt stronger, more explosive, and most importantly more stable. These three elements are the foundation to any functional and dynamic strength training program.

I recommend Pilates to all of my clients male and female. I stress the importance of becoming truly stable from the inside out. The only way I have found to do that is through Pilates. I advise men to get over the stereotype that Pilates is only for women because that is false. There’s a reason why top professional athletes are hiring Pilates instructors at higher frequencies. One thing to always remember, “Pilates is only easy when it’s done wrong!”

You can see Michael in this mat class of mine on Pilates Anytime and join us for his interview with me on getting more men to do Pilates here.  And, if you want to work out with Michael check out his Ultimate Athlete Bootcamp!

It’s easy to add Pilates into your regular workout routine with mat classes online here or in person classes in your area. Looking for a teacher in your area to challenge you? Check out my blog on finding the right instructor here.


Certified Personal Trainer, Michael Myers received a full, four-year football scholarship to Colorado State University, where he played Running Back and kick returner,  graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Human Science. Certified by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA), Stott Mat Pilates, Schwinn Cycling and many other group fitness class programs, Michael has developed a deep expertise that spans a wide variety of training methods. Michael works with a slate of private clients in addition to teaching various Boot Camp classes and Mat Pilates classes at Equinox in West Hollywood and Century City.

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