Try Tai Chi and Enjoy These Benefits —

Tai chi is originally a form of martial art originating from China. These days, however, it is a popular form of exercise and meditation. The fact is there are many different types of tai chi. The most popular type these days across the planet is yang tai chi which is characterized by fluid and slow movements. If you happen to come across a group of people doing tai chi, it’s very much likely that what they’re doing is yang tai chi.

If currently you are on the hunt for a new and exciting way to exercise as well as meditate, it is undeniably a wonderful idea to try tai chi. It’s something that’s suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels because of the fact that it’s not a strenuous activity — even very old people who practice tai chi don’t have a hard time performing it! What’s more, there is no need for you to spend long hours doing tai chi because even something as short as 5 minutes a day is enough for you to reap the many benefits it is scientifically-proven to offer.

Read on to know some of the wonderful things that welcoming tai chi into your everyday life can bring!

Tai Chi is Good for Your Cardiovascular Fitness

Even though the movements are slow and seemingly repetitive, tai chi actually helps promote cardiovascular fitness. This means that this ancient form of martial arts is good for both your heart and lungs. What’s so great about it is it’s like other form of low-impact exercises (walking, bicycling, etc.) that deliver results without being hard on your joints.

It Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Are you on the hunt for an effective way to keep your blood pressure within the normal range? Start doing tai chi! Back in 1996, a study on heart attack patients was done. The researchers involved found that participants who engaged in tai chi enjoyed lower blood pressure than those in the non-exercise group and even the group who did traditional aerobics!

Performing Tai Chi Tones the Muscles

Keeping the muscles toned is great for maintaining your shape as well as strength. Even though tai chi requires you to do fluid and slow movements, it is actually a wonderful exercise for the muscles. All the movements that your extremities have to do each time also help tone the core muscles, which helps keep your waistline from expanding uncontrollably.

Doing It Improves Your Flexibility

Being flexible is important because it helps improve your range of motion, allowing you to become a more functional being. Unlike pumping a lot of iron that can bulk up your muscles excessively and make your body somewhat rigid, tai chi moves in the other direction — it tones and lengthens your muscles, decreasing your risk of injuries and improving your posture.

Tai Chi Helps Strengthen Your Immune System

In this day and age, having a strong immune system can help save you from being left out by a fast-paced world. Everyone knows that one of the best ways to bolster your immunity is by exercising. So what puts tai chi above others? It’s the fact that overdoing it is practically impossible! Overdo jogging or weight lifting and your immune system will surely plunge.

It’s Also a Superb Stress-Buster

Aside from having a strong immune system, living on this planet today also requires you to combat stress effectively. There are so many ways to manage stress, and one of the best is tai chi. Performing it allows you to get your mind off problems or worries, something that helps combat stress and its various bad effects on the health — but that’s another story!

Engaging in it Keeps the Brain Healthy

 Here’s a reason why the elderly can benefit tremendously from tai chi: studies have shown that it can keep the brain cortex thick, helping to prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia. What’s more, the ancient Chinese martial art is said to be very good at warding off depression and anxiety. Tai chi is not only good for your figure and stress levels, but also your gray matter!

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