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I couldn’t actually walk properly, sit, or stand without intensive pain for 7 weeks. It was awful. Here I was trying to take care of this beautiful baby (thank goodness I have wonderful family and friends who help) and I could barely move. Not in the best shape at all when everyone would say ‘you will be fine, your birth will be easy,’ ‘you will recover really quick.’ Ummm, no I didn’t at all.

A few weeks into having gorgeous Lincoln, I really wanted to do some Pilates – I missed it terribly! And also missed the mental clarity it gave especially being sleep deprived as a new mum. So I ventured onto the computer and bit by bit started to do this Pilates online program – the one you are about to do!

I figured well I can’t get out to drive to do a class at my studio around the baby, so I will do it right here. The first few weeks I took it really easy, and some days only managed 10 or 15 minutes , but that was enough to slowly bring it back into the body in safe way, and start to heal the muscles and bring back that strength.

I would feel so amazing and relieved, you know that ‘ahhh’ sigh of relief when I’d finish a video or even part of a video with little bubs laying next to me most of the time.

I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. You see, not only had my physical fitness gone right down with several injuries from the birth, but I had also gained nearly 14 kg during the pregnancy. That was a fair amount for. I’ll let you in on a secret…I was eating meat and cheese pizzas, hot chips and chicken burgers most day of the pregnancy with such strong cravings for these foods! Well, I did have a hungry little boy in there and that food helped stop the nausea, so heck I ate that food and enjoyed it.

About 4 weeks after having Lincoln I thought enough is enough I need to get my eating back on track. So started back with the salads, veges, lean protein and healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, yogurt. And really watched my portion sizes. Along with my very own Pilates online videos and good eating, I was able to shift that 14kg and return to my pre-baby weight within 4 months.

My abdominals have almost completely healed – although I’m not trying to rush this. It takes time. And by the way – if you have ‘abdominal separation’ ensure you get your GP to clear you before any exercise especially abdominal movements. (If you need a good video with basic core exercises to help ease back after baby, check out my videos on Youtube under ‘ Prenatal and Postnatal Workouts.’)

You have the right feel incredible, healthy, and balanced every day! It’s time to focus on yourself and put your own needs first. Building a healthy, strong body is a prerequisite to happiness. Even Joseph Pilates himself said this!

So the question is…where are you right now? Maybe you have tried ‘exercise’ in the past and it’s not make you feel the way it’s meant to. If you leave feeling over-exhausted or sore where it causes you injury, then it’s not the right method for your body. I see time and time again people doing incorrect training for where they are at and it ends up costing more in time, money and effort to fix these niggly pains and injuries. Is it really worth it?

I want you to feel confident and in control of your wellbeing. Be proactive rather than reactive on your fitness goals. Feel self-worth and know that you are incredible and that so many people rely on you, so it’s time to keep yourself strong and fit with a gentler approach.

You know what is one of the best secrets about my online Pilates? The fact that I’ve combined some specialised fitness moves in there to boost up the workouts in a few of those sessions – all optionally of course. This unique combination of fitness, strength, yoga and Pilates moves gets results. I’ve brought together the best of these practices to bring you an online Pilates program that delivers you effective workouts without the impact of other exercise.

Week by week you will build your body, notice changes in re-shaping your waistline and much more! Stick to the order of the videos and the frequency of sessions per week and you will be a fitter, healthier, stronger you in 10 weeks.

I’m on this journey with you and wish you best in health.

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