Which Chakras Help Against Depression?

June 19, 2015 by chakrahealing

Depression affects 350 million people worldwide – possibly more, since depression still carries a stigma and people may be afraid to seek help. Since depression affects our lives so negatively it’s important to practice good self-care. That can help you regain your equilibrium and help you feel hopeful and positive about the future.

All of your chakras are affected by your emotional state. Think of negative emotions as heavy, dark and slow-moving energy that likes to pool where it’s not wanted, just like slow-moving water will pool and stagnate. So your lower chakras, which are more connected to the physical world, are more intensely affected by negative emotions.

This creates an unfortunate downward spiral as your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing deteriorates, and your chakras become more blocked, causing further deterioration in your wellbeing.

The energy in the upper chakras is much lighter and easier to move, so to help with depression, let’s focus on the lower “earthbound” chakras: the root, sacral, solar plexus and heart.

Root chakra: a lot of depression is caused by financial stress, or feelings of not belonging. You can do a lot to clear this using the following tips:

  1. Move your body! Physical exercise is the best thing you can do to start stagnant energy moving and clear your blocks to financial prosperity, feelings of security and feelings of belonging. Specifically, engage in exercise that connects you to the Earth – walking, climbing, running, yoga, any Martial Art, or even landscaping.

  2. Give in order to receive. Energy is energy is energy and if you want more of what you don’t have, give. If you’re broke, you don’t have to give money, but you can give time, effort and wisdom. If you’re lonely, reach out to people. Invite them. Give energy in the form of lovingly helping others feel good – in whatever way you do that – and that energy will come back to you!

Sacral chakra: depression makes it extremely hard to enjoy life, so make a point of enjoying life especially when you are feeling blue. Go to an art festival, take a bubble bath, make someone a handmade gift, get a massage, go for a bike ride, play with a pet, or lie in a hammock and count your blessings. Gratitude is an incredibly powerful healing force so in every spare moment, whenever your thoughts turn to sadness, give thanks for something. Look beyond the big stuff and appreciate things like the dexterity of your fingers; the fact that you can reach into a pocket and identify, just by touch, what’s in there; appreciate the bees and all they do to keep life flourishing on this planet; give thanks for every morsel of food you eat and sip of water you take.

Solar plexus chakra: this chakra of personal power and self-esteem is easily wounded by depression. To heal it, DO WHAT YOU LOVE. Make it a point to devote a bare minimum of 15 minutes every day, no matter how hectic or busy, to doing what makes your soul sing. Get GOOD at what you love to do and you’ll have an automatic boost in self-esteem and confidence.

Heart chakra: the most powerful thing you can do to combat depression is to consciously send love to everyone and everything. Sit in meditation and allow people to come into your awareness. Thank each and every one for being in your life, and send them love – even if you don’t like the person or if that person has hurt you, it HEALS your heart to send them love.

If you practice these things daily, at first you’ll notice that you feel better as you do them; and then you’ll notice that after a short while you’ll start to feel better more consistently. Keep it up, and you’ll create an upward spiral of energy and happiness!

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