Overcoming Adversity – Suzanne’s Pilates Story

“I had been overweight almost all of my life and being an asthmatic, typical workout classes weren’t always an option for me. At the time I started, I had just lost 50 pounds and I still had about 50 more pounds to lose. I started with Club Pilates about 4 years ago after a friend recommended that I try out the new studio in Costa Mesa, CA. I took my first class and fell in love with Pilates right from the start!

Weight has been a constant struggle for me my entire life and often I had low self-esteem. With Club Pilates, I’ve achieved not only a stronger physique, but an overall healthier body image of myself. Prior to Pilates I was the tall, chubby girl or at least that’s how I considered myself. After 4 years in the studio, I’m definitely still the tall girl (standing proud at 6’1”!!) but I have more self-confidence and now present myself in a more mature and confident matter.

Having been diagnosed with asthma as a young child, participating in sports and exercise was another big challenge. Pilates is the first exercise I found as an adult that doesn’t trigger any asthmatic symptoms and that I 100% enjoy start to finish. I’ve been able to keep an active membership for over 4 years even through recurring knee pain from surgery in 2010. Whenever I hear of anyone coping with an old injury and are in need of a great low-impact workout, I share my love for Club Pilates instruction in hopes that it can help others the way that it’s helped me over the last few years. As a result of Pilates, I’m now able to hike various trails around Orange County and San Diego. While I’m not at the hardest ability level (yet!) I’m certainly not afraid to push my limits and climb to the top – literally!

Club Pilates has always been such a positive environment for me and it’s a place that I want to go to everyday and share with others. When someone asks me what my hobbies are, my first answer is always Pilates. I even have a retirement dream to retire early and open a Pilates studio so I can share my love with others!”

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