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\"\"Enhancing your Reiki practice is the one easy change that reverberates throughout your life and makes any other changes you desire more doable.

It’s the change that helps you remember who you are — who you truly are — so you can be happier and healthier even amidst changes and challenges you didn’t ask for, aka life.

What does enhancing your Reiki practice mean?

First let’s clarify what I don’t mean by enhancing your Reiki practice. I don’t mean taking more classes, learning more (invented) practices and earning more (dubious) certificates.

Enhancing your Reiki practice means practicing with generosity, giving more of yourself to your practice. The way to do that depends on where you are with your Reiki practice (keep reading).

But know that whether you are new to Reiki or you’ve been practicing a long time, you can always increase your Reiki benefits by enhancing your Reiki practice.

What Reiki benefits?

If you’re new to Reiki practice, maybe you’re wondering what benefits Reiki practice could bring you.

This is important and it’s something that is often overlooked: Reiki practice is balancing, and balance means different things at different times. All the benefits your Reiki practice brings come from being more balanced. And being more balanced more often. That increases your overall resilience.

So the benefits you’ll experience have a lot to do with how and where your system is unbalanced. If, for example, you have digestive problems, you’ll likely notice improved digestion and appetite. And better food choices. You might notice it right away, or it might take a week or so.

That said, in my experience, the most commonly reported spiritual benefits are feeling more present, clearer, more confident, more hopeful, more motivated, more productive, more loving to yourself and to others.

The two most documented Reiki benefits in the small body of not very good research we have (just saying) are improvement in pain and anxiety.

And the most commonly reported physiologic benefit is one that is so so so very important: sleeping better. Regardless the details of their insomnia — whether they can’t fall asleep or don’t stay asleep — people usually start sleeping better quickly, often the first night. And when you sleep better, your body heals better, and lots of other benefits become possible.

Enhancing your Reiki practice today and everyday

If you taken any Reiki training, do you already practice hands-on daily self Reiki? No?

Then why not start now? As you continue reading, place your hands on your torso or head. Bring your attention to that inner connection and notice how your practice feels. Give it a few moments. The response to Reiki practice is fast but it might not be instant.

Do you notice a subtle change in your state, a feeling of more openness? Has your breath changed? Perhaps you’ve already sighed or yawned. Do you have a sense of being more present, less stressed, more comfortable in your body?

If you didn’t notice anything yet, stay with it a little longer. Maybe close your eyes.

Making a reasonable commitment to daily self practice

In your life as it is now, what amount of time can you commit to placing your Reiki hands every day? Is 5 minutes doable? Then start there.

When in your schedule can you comfortably commit to your self practice? Comfortably is important. You want your practice to be supported in your schedule. Make it easy to get started. As you notice the benefits of your daily practice, it will be easier to keep your commitment to yourself. You don’t need to make yourself eat ice cream or pizza or whatever your favorite food is. In time, your daily self practice will become as delicious as that. You just need to get there.

I practice before I open my eyes in the morning. That way, I start each day as refreshed and centered as possible. It changes the whole day.

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Enhancing your daily self Reiki practice

Maybe you have a longstanding daily self Reiki practice, as I do.

I started when I was trained in 1986. My daily self practice has seen me through many changes, but my practice hasn’t changed. I practice today as I was taught, and that’s the practice I teach online and in-person here in New York City.

Yet I am continually enhancing my Reiki practice simply by bringing more of myself to it. Attention enhances everything.

Although I almost absentmindedly place a hand throughout the day, or if I put my feet up to watch Law & Order reruns in the evening, my approach is not quite as casual for my dedicated practice each morning. Then I make a point to be present. My attention might eventually wander, but I start mindfully and gently return my awareness to my practice throughout the session.

Enhancing your Reiki practice with others

Whether or not you’ve committed to daily self Reiki, you can enhance your Reiki practice by sharing treatment with other Reiki practitioners or receiving professional treatment.

I look forward to my weekly Reiki practice shares with friends. Being on the table passively receiving care supports our well-being and deepens our recognition of the benefits of practice, which motivates us to practice more consistently. It also helps us be more sensitive when practicing on others.

Starting your Reiki self practice

If you haven’t learned to practice Reiki yet, really, what are you waiting for? You could be feeling so much better. And when you feel better, you function better, and you make better choices, the ones you’ve been trying to make but…

Try to find a qualified teacher near you. It’s not a easy as you would think because there is no agreement about standards for Reiki practice. The points listed in this article will help you make a good choice for you.

If you can’t find a teacher who’s a good fit for you, consider learning Reiki self practice online with me. I offer interactive online Reiki training that will start you practicing an hour into our first session. My experience has been that students start noticing benefits from their very first self practice. You could too!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.\"\"

Staying constant, embracing change

Life is all about change. How can you be true to yourself and your timeless values — kindness, generosity, truthfulness, etc. — amidst the swirling challenges of contemporary life?

And how can you know which changes you really need to make, and which are just distractions? So many students have come to my classes over the years thinking they needed to change spouses or change careers only to discover they needed to change their state so that they felt better. Here’s a simple, often overlooked truth: it gets hard to appreciate the good in our lives when we don’t feel good.

Finally, how can you have the clarity and courage to embark on the changes you need to make to support your happiness and health?

That’s what Reiki practice can give you, an inner anchor in your very best, most spacious, timeless self, a reminder of who you truly are, so you can live your life with gratitude, love, and creativity.

My Reiki practice hasn’t changed, but I am always changing, and my daily self Reiki practice helps me make the changes that are needed. My continually enhanced Reiki practice enables me to live in today’s world, carrying traditional Reiki practice values into the future.

Please share with us how your Reiki practice supports you. Who knows how many people you might inspire?

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