Beneficial Thought: Chakra Spring Cleaning – Using Tarot to Clear Chakras

Posted on April 11, 2019
It’s Spring cleaning time! And this time, we are not talking about a pledge of allegiance to Pine Sol and Swiffer. This time we are talking about the pledge of allegiance to you .
Are you treating yourself well? Health is wealth is what we always say. Even if you are in great physical shape, your spirituality still needs to be tended to. You don’t need to become a guru or pastor of a community. You just need to find that spiritual part of you that needs feeding and feed it. One of the ways we do that is through chakra work. We really encourage you to try it out, and you don’t even need to tell a single soul about it. It’s not religious, it’s just way of taking care of you. Because you are so absolutely worth it.
Chakra work is of course work that focuses on one or all of the 7 chakras in the human body. A chakra is an energy center, a spinning wheel of energy that is not visible to the naked eye. The human body has 7 of these chakra centers. These chakra centers are more spiritual in nature than physical.
Our physical organs are the spinning wheels of energy that keep our human body in good shape. Our 7 chakras are the centers of spinning energy that keep our soul in good shape. When you go on a road trip, you know you are going to have a better experience if all of your organs are spinning seamlessly along. The same goes for any other journey you want to take in life, emotional, spiritual, or motivational. In order for those journeys to be successful, know you will have a better experience on that journey if all of your chakra centers are in good shape.
How Do You Know If Your Chakras Need Work?
Ever just felt out of whack with life a little bit? Something was off and you just weren’t sure of it? You probably just needed a chakra tweak. It gives you a new perspective and makes you realize your problems aren’t as big as you feel like they are.
Even if they are big problems. And hey, we all have that.
Chakra work helps because it helps you take care of you so that you can be the strongest person that you can be when you are facing life head-on.
If a life problem hits you, your chakras are impacted. The Root chakra focuses on our basic needs, for example food and shelter. If you suffer a financial, hit, your Root chakra is out and you feel out of sorts everywhere.
If you suffer a head injury or get headaches a lot, you may just need some Crown chakra work to align your energy centers.
If you are sad, tweaking your Heart chakra helps you see a new perspective on life and love.
Every single one of our chakras tends to our basic needs in every way. Chakra work may be a spiritual tool, but it is one that helps you maintain all of your health centers.
Remember, health is wealth.
But how do you know what chakras to work on? And how do you do that? We are so glad you asked.
Divination Tools & Chakra Work
We talk frequently about how to align those chakras and get them back to the spinning wheel of healthy soul energy we need them to be. Meditation is one method of chakra work. We also speak frequently of using divination tools such as a chakra pendulum for chakra work. These methods will greatly enhance your chakra work and keep your chakra centers humming along beautifully for every journey your soul wishes to take.
But, like any machine, once in a while one or two of these centers gets tired and slows down. Just like your physical organs do on occasion. So, in order for our soul to get back up to speed, we need to take advantage of methods like meditation or divination tools that help us re-center all of our chakra centers again. These methods are most effective if we know exactly what chakra is out of whack, or which one needs the most attention.
But how will we know that? Divination tools are great tools to use as healing, but also as a go-to in order to find out which of your chakras is in need of the most attention. A chakra pendulum , for example, will yield information when used over each of your chakra centers.
This information will tell you Yes or No on the functioning health of that particular chakra center. But that’s not the only divination tool you can use to get more information about your chakra centers and whether or not they need to be tuned-up.
The Tarot is another divination tool that can help you pinpoint chakra problems, in a very detailed and symbolic way, with a simple 7 card spread. Let’s have a look at that spread and how to find out which of your chakra centers may be blocked, and how to get those wheels spinning again.
How to Do a Tarot Reading for Chakra Work
Tools You Will Need: A deck of Tarot cards A quiet location An open and honest intention
Step 1: Deal Your Tarot Spread.
To do this, shuffle your Tarot cards and as you are shuffling think of your 7 chakras. Ask the Tarot to show you the overall health of your 7 chakras, and to help you pinpoint where there may be some problems. Shuffle, and then in your own method of comfort, select 7 cards from the deck, remembering which order you selected them in.
There are many ways to draw Tarot cards, do the way that speaks the most to you or makes the most sense. You may find cards jump out for example when you are shuffling, to me yes, these are important cards too. Some readers cut their decks and then choose their cards from one or two piles, you can fan the cards out and pick your 7, you can pick 7 right off the top of the deck after you are shuffling as my son does, every single time.
Choose your 7 cards in the way that makes the most sense to you, and then lay your spread. For a chakra reading, you want to lay them in one vertical line in front of you. Card number 1 will go at the bottom, this represents your Root chakra, card number 2 will go right above that (but not on top of the first card). Card number 3 goes above 2, and so on. When done, you should have a line of 7 cards in front of you, and be able to clearly see each card.
Step 2: Pay Attention. What Message Do You Feel Right Away?
Before you read your cards, what are your first thoughts as you look at the 7 cards in front of you? Listen to your intuition, and to any signs that your body may be making now too. For example, you may start to feel a pain across your forehead, and realize at the same time that your number 6 card for Third Eye chakra has some dark looking symbols in it. This is a message from the Universe that your Third Eye chakra may be blocked.
Look at all of the 7 cards in their entirety before you examine each one for its meaning. Generally speaking, darker looking cards will indicate a chakra that needs some work, while brighter looking cards will indicate a chakra that is spinning happily. You will ultimately read each card, but as you first lay your spread and look over the cards, listen very carefully to your body and the first things that are popping into your head.
Don’t interpret yet. Just pay attention to what you are feeling and what ideas and thoughts are coming into your head. You are answering your own questions.
But now it’s time to find out what ideas and thoughts the cards validate for you so that you know what chakras to work with.
Step 3: Interpret the Cards.
For this, you will need to understand what the cards mean and what the symbols on each card mean. You may have a book with your Tarot deck that helps you with this, or you can also very easily look up any card online. When you are doing a Tarot chakra reading, interpretation is a little easier, because the cards as you laid them already have a specific meaning.
You will interpret each card according to what chakra that specific card represents. What you are looking for here is information about that specific chakra center. Each chakra center has a purpose and rules certain things in your life. Each chakra will lose function when it is blocked by certain things in your life, or things you are experiencing right now.
If you see a darker card for any of these chakras, know that you are being given the message that this chakra may be experiencing a blockage. Once you know what kind of blockage you are dealing with, it is that much easier to understand your chakra reading, and what chakra to focus on in future chakra work.
Let’s have a look at each of the 7 chakras, what they rule, and what types of things block them. Use this brief guide while looking at your 7 cards to determine what chakra centers may need some work, and how to begin that healing process.
Card 1: Root Chakra
The Root chakra is located at the base of your spine, which is why it is the first card, on the bottom of your spread. It rules your basic needs and survival tools. If you have a brightly-colored card here then likely all of your basic needs are met and in good shape. If you do not, know that this chakra is blocked by the fear of not having your basic needs met. You are in survival mode. Chakra work and meditating on the color red will help get this chakra center spinning.
Card 2: Sacral Chakra
The Sacral chakra is your pleasure chakra, and it rules your sex life, your fertility organs, and anything that makes your pelvis region feel warm and fuzzy. This chakra is blocked by guilt, and frequently that is sexual guilt. It may also be blocked by loneliness if you have been single for a long time and are holding out for someone.
Meditating on the color orange will help to improve the Sacral chakra center. It won’t hurt to have a fantasy now and again to help you feel alive. Even if you are single, you can keep the blood flowing here, and you should. It’s essential to your soul’s survival.
Card 3: Solar Plexus Chakra
The Solar Plexus chakra is yellow and located across your breastbone. It is the chakra center that “puffs out” and feels good when you’ve accomplished something awesome. It is the chakra that rules your will power. If you stayed on a diet and lost 80 pounds, you will feel puffed up and proud and that’s a sign that this chakra is in good shape. Whatever you exert willpower on that yields an accomplishment will stoke this chakra.
If the card is suggesting you need some work here, you may have some blockages in the areas of either shame or possibly even some laziness. If you don’t do anything, you have nothing to feel proud of. Meditate on the color yellow and make a plan to exert effort in the area of your life you need it most.
Card 4: Heart Chakra
The Heart chakra is located, you guessed it, in your heart. It is the color green and you don’t need me to tell you when your Heart chakra feels good. If it doesn’t, the cards won’t lie either and you will get that cue in this spread. Grief, loss, and, obviously, heartbreak of any kind are what will block up that Heart chakra. Such is life, you can’t love without experiencing loss at some point, that is the risk to take. This card will provide healing and a message on how to overcome that grief if your Heart chakra needs a tweak.
Card 5: Throat Chakra
The Throat chakra is located exactly where it sounds, in the throat. It is located near your voice box, and there’s a reason for that. When you feel like you are “losing your voice” in a love or life situation, your Throat chakra will need some healing.
Your throat chakra functions according to how you communicate, and to how you receive messages and communication as well. This chakra will be blocked by lies and distorted truths. If you are receiving distorted truths, the cards will show this to you, and the same if you are sending distorted truths. Keeping it real and meditating on the color blue will help you get this very important chakra back in tune.
Card 6: Third Eye Chakra
The Third Eye Chakra is indigo and located at the spot between your two eyes, on your forehead. Remember when I said a headache there might indicate this chakra needs a tweak? This chakra is your sixth sense and allows you insight into the world as you know it, that your two physical eyes can not see. This insight comes to you in the form of how you personally experience things. It might be a visual, auditory, or even just a feeling. But your Third Eye is the transmitter of this information. Obviously, having a fully functioning Third Eye chakra can be very beneficial to you in your life.
Who doesn’t want a second set of insight into their daily world? If your Tarot reading is suggesting this chakra needs work, then focus on how to eliminate illusions from your world. Illusion is what blocks the Third Eye, who is only able to give you truth. Are you ready to face it? If you are, then you already know. If you want to be, then this card will tell you how, and meditating on the color indigo and letting go of illusions will help you get your Third Eye to focus.
Card 7: Crown Chakra
The Crown chakra is located exactly where it sounds, on the crown of your head. It is the color white or the color violet, whichever one means the most to you. For many, it is both and just depends on the situation. The Crown chakra rules your connection with the Divine, with the Universe, or with whatever you consider the cosmic force to be in your world. It could be God. It could be Buddha. It could be Buddha and God. It could be the Mother Mary. It is what you believe that it is. Like the Third Eye, you can see the obvious advantages of having a healthy Crown chakra. This is your direct line to the big guy you believe in, whatever or whoever that is. When this is healthy, it feels like you have a beam of light going from the top of your head to… somewhere out there.
When it’s not, you can suffer from headaches and stress. Your Crown chakra will experience blockages if you have a strong ego attachment. If your spiritual walk is more about what you get out of it, than what you are putting into the Universe, you may find this chakra needs some work. The card here will tell you how good your connection is with the Divine. Meditating on the color white or violet will help you get this chakra into shape, as will any messages you receive from your Tarot card.
Concluding thoughts…
Chakra work with Tarot readings can really help you to identify what chakras need some attention, and how to go about resolving those issues. The beauty of the Tarot is its specificity. It tells you exactly what is going on. If you need more help, let us know. We have an abundance of products to help you on your daily quest to health, wealth, and love that you can manifest in your own life.
Bookmark those Daily Horoscopes for your daily walk to enlightenment, and then, spend a few minutes every day doing these quickie readings that can help point you to problems that can be resolved with a little you time. Time to take care of you! Where do you want to start?
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