We Are One World Healing * Therapeutic Reiki

\"worldJoin Our Monthly Sessions to Heal Our World. During the sessions, from wherever we are, we collectively send loving, healing energy to all people, animals, all other sentient beings and our beloved planet Earth. We hold the vision of a healed world. Every full moon.

The World Needs Healing

There are so many people & issues needing healing in this world. As most people doing healing energy work, I wanted to be more effective than only treating clients individually with Reiki in my treatment studio, and help all that come my way. Suddenly, it dawned upon me that distant Reiki healing energy and other forms of unconditional love can be sent to Earth and its people to create the tidal wave of healing energy for our world to heal. Simple solution to help all.

\"worldCreating Healing Energetic Synergy

To make the energy force have impact, we are creating one large world healing network. We connect all healing professionals and like-minded spirits to align their prayer-healing energy- transmission into one big synergy-force. The synergistic power of group meditation and joint prayer has been documented with many anecdotes. My goal is 2 million people healing jointly in this WE ARE ONE World Healing initiative. I actually believe that through synergy and a real large numbers people, we’ll actually tilt the balance in the world for good. By joining forces, we hope to create monthly tidal waves of good for all, each wave building upon the previous ones.

As per ‘THE SECRET’ : what we focus on increases. Rather than wishing for just money, let’s focus on the realization of a fundamental shift of our world for good: i.e. to help create a balanced, fair, interesting, healthy, sustainable world with food, freedom, joy, peace & love for all people.

As it is one of those wishes where the ‘how’ is extremely complex (a factor that had immobilized me till now to do anything significant for this cause), applying healing energy such as Reiki is ideal, as it knows the ‘how’.

\"worldYou Can Make a Difference In The World

If YOU TOO have been looking for a way to make a difference, then please join us help heal our world. Simply sign up on the website with your full name for recognition (abreviated name for privacy ) plus your city & country. You can even use the comment form below for this purpose, or on the blog

This blog is specifically set up for World Healing Participants to share with each other and for new participants to be encouraged to join. At session 1, I stood by myself. At session 2, we were about 35. Then there are 40 people registered…. Click here to see how many World Healing foundation members we have. Today we have many more people even. My aim is to grow our group into a worldwide movement, day after day, moon after moon, and this is easy to do if each participant simply gets one more person to join each moon cycle.

\"worldWorld Healing Objectives

Happy Healing,
Astrid Lee, Founder WE ARE ONE World Healing Initiative

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