This Yoga-Pilates Hybrid Sequence Will Give You the Glutes of Your Dreams

A 7-pose home practice that will give you the glutes of your dreams.

Amy Dalton introduces a yoga-Pilates hybrid sequence that will help you strengthen your glutes.

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times: “Strong and healthy glutes make for a strong and healthy body.”

And it’s true. Yet in our modern society, we spend much of our time sitting or doing repetitive forward movements: at our desks, on the sofa, in our cars, and eating our meals. Even our regular yoga or fitness routines tend to focus on strengthening our front-sides, which can then result in overstretched and underused backsides. These habits greatly impact our overall health and balance—not to mention keep us from having tight, toned tushes.

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Think of the glutes as the core of the back body. When firing properly, these large, meaty muscles support our every movement and help our bodies stay in balance. They are essential for good posture and stability. Having these muscles alert and awake will distribute the load out of our joints and low back and into our active musculature. “Waking up” or “firing” the glutes will greatly improve your body’s ability to work properly in every other movement throughout the day.

My favorite sequence for the glutes combines elements of both yoga and Pilates. This sequence gradually awakens these important muscles and even better, can be done at home in just a few minutes.

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Yoga for Glutes: A 7-Pose Home Practice

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