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Aaah, chakras- one of my all time favourite subjects! As you may have read in this article I wrote a while ago on Energetic Healing, chakras form the basis of many amazing healing modalities. I’ve read countless books on chakras and there’s no way I’ll stop learning any time soon! If you’ve always been curious about chakras, but don’t have a clue where to start, here are few pointers:

What are chakras?

Chakras are, in very basic terms, 7 energetic centres which our energy flows through. Often when our emotions are out of balance, these centres become blocked which can manifest as illness, aches or pains in the body, so it’s important to know which centres are which and how we can balance them.

Where are they located and what do they represent?

The above diagram shows you whereabouts the chakras are located in your body. Each colour represents a chakra and has certain emotional feelings or attributes attached to it:

Root Chakra (Chakra 1 / Red) – Represents feeling ‘rooted’ or grounded, represent our foundation and stability

Location: base of the spine / tailbone area

Emotional issues linked with this chakra: survival issues and all issues related to this , such as money, food, family, security and financial independence.

Sacral Chakra (Chakra Two / Orange) – Represents creativity, sex and your ability to accept new relationships/situations into your life

Location: lower abdomen about 2 inches below the navel

Emotional issues linked with this chakra: sense of pleasure, enjoyment, abundance, sexuality

Solar Plexus (Chakra Three / Yellow) – Represents confidence, thoughts and feelings, and our ability to be in control of our lives

Location: upper abdomen/stomach area

Emotional issues linked with this chakra: self-confidence, self-esteem, positive mental attitudes and thoughts, self-worth

Heart Chakra (Chakra 4 – Green) – Represents our ability to love and be loved, to enjoy what we love

Location: centre of chest, just above the heart

Emotional issues linked with this chakra: joy, love, compassion, inner peace

Throat Chakra (Chakra 5 – Blue) – Represents our ability to communicate clearly and to speak our truth

Location: the throat

Emotional issues linked with this chakra: communication, self-expression, expressing your truth, creativity

Third Eye Chakra (Chakra 6 – Indigo) – Represents our ability to see the big picture, inner knowing, insight and vision

Location: on your forehead, between your eyes

Emotional issues linked with this chakra: ability to think clearly and make decisions, intuition, wisdom, imagination

Crown Chakra (Chakra 7 – Violet) – Represents our ability to connect fully with our spiritual selves

Location: at the very top of your head (at the crown)

Emotional issues linked with this chakra: pure bliss, inner and outer beauty, our connection to our own spirituality, divine wisdom

Why are chakras important?

In order for our bodies to function in an optimal way, all of our 7 chakras need to be balanced and allowing our energy to flow smoothly through our bodies. If one of the energy centres is not functioning well, then the others won’t function as well as they should. Some of them can even work too much or too hard (the third eyes, over-thinking chakra is typical of this!), which also sends our bodies and emotions into free-fall.

These days, it’s incredibly difficult to keep them balanced- we’re all rushing around, worried about what others think of us and not taking adequate time out for ourselves, but there are ways you can do it that are incredibly simple and mostly free! Check back tomorrow for more details!

I really hope this has helped you my lovely. Stayed tuned for more information tomorrow on how to tell if these chakras are out-of-whack and how you can heal them simply and easily.

Love and abundant energy,

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