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Swimsuit season is finally here, and I know that comes with both excitement and dread for many of us! This past winter was long and hard, and I am certainly guilty of indulging in more comfort food than necessary! But it’s now or never to get moving, and I am excited to share my favorite go-to move and health and beauty secrets. This post is also bittersweet because it marks the end of an incredible partnership with Bikini Thief this past year. I have had so much fun interviewing some of the top instructors in NYC and am grateful to all of the amazing women who shared with us what they do to stay healthy and fit!! Stay tuned for our final post next month with your ultimate summer workout plan featuring all of the moves from each of our celebrity guests!

Straight Arm Tricep Kickbacks With Butt Lift: I am a big fan of total body exercises that work as many muscles as possible in a single move. This exercise targets the three spots that everyone is always asking me about; abs, arms and butt.

A) Start on your hands and knees, with your hands placed under your shoulders and your knees directly under your hips, shoulder-width apart. Your back should be in a neutral position and your head a natural extension of your spine.

B) Pick up your desired weight in your left hand—anything from 2 to 5 lbs (beginners can start using just a water bottle). Keeping your chest open and shoulders down, bring your left arm straight back behind you, palm facing in, with the weight resting on the floor.

C) Next,extend your opposite leg out straight and strong with your foot flexed, rested on the Do not allow your shoulders to round forward and make sure that throughout the exercise you keep your pelvis stable and your abs engaged.

D) As you exhale, lift both the arm and leg up equally and at the same time, bringing them a few inches above your body. Get a good squeeze in your butt and triceps and inhale, as you slowly return almost all the way back down. The arm and leg should be straight at all times.

E) Repeat 25X on each To advance you can add 15 pulses at the end of each set.

Modifications:Beginners can start with just the tricep move and keep both knees on the floor. You can also bring the leg up and keep it stationary throughout the exercise until you are ready to advance.

Note: If you cannot maintain proper form, try using a lighter weight. If you have bad knees, double up a mat or place a towel under your knees for support. For sensitive wrists, hold a 3 to 5 lb weight in the hand that is not being worked, which will take the stress of your wrist by keeping it straight.

Health and Beauty tip: Hot yoga and my Vitamix are my healthy obsessions! Yoga is such an incredible workout and my favorite form of therapy and I can get myself to eat just about anything if its blended.  My beauty secret is regular facials and my Clarisonic!  My favorite go-to spot in the city is Mario Bedescu; they are super affordable and always do a great job.

About Me: Brooke Marrone, President & Founder of Brooke Marrone Fitness, launched her highly regarded private training studio in 2008. She was an NCAA Division 1 athlete and holds certifications in Personal Training, Pilates and Group Fitness. She is the resident health expert for Bikini Thief and has contributed fitness content to magazines such as Self, Shape, Real Simple, Cosmopolitan, and Marie Claire. Brooke has been featured on NBC’s Good Day New York and can most recently be seen discussing the latest fitness trends on The Better Show. Brooke lives and works in New York City.

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