Shine Your Light: Type 1 Lifestyle Tips Based On Your Yin-Yang Combo

We’ve been talking a lot about your Yin-Yang combo and how it affects your style. It’s been so fun, right?

But now let’s jump into how it influences your behavior and daily life. Not all Type 1 women act or think the same! Your Yin Yang Definition will support you in honoring your unique qualities.

Type 1/2


You lead with a soft bounce and desire to help others by brightening their day. You notice unhappiness and discomfort in others and want to reach out to lift them up and let them know you care. You may hesitate in doing this as your more introvert energy is strong and will try and stop you.

Trust your lead extrovert energy to motivate you to make the first move when you are inspired to reach out to others, as your uplifting, comforting nature will bless all you meet.

Trust your bright light to shine hope and care wherever you go. Be mindful that you can easily talk yourself out of things, thinking it’s best to just go about your business and let others take the lead.

You are a leader of light and caring. Trust your nature and continue to build your confidence that your buoyant soft energy is a powerful force for good in the world.

Type 1/3


You lead with excitement and enthusiasm as your energy radiates in a forward motion out into the world. Your touch of yin expresses in a need for lightness and pleasure as a constant. With the back up of double yang, you can tend to get overburdened by the doings of life and neglect making sure you keep it light and fun.

Don’t let yourself get lost in the triple yang expression you have—use your gift of radiating hope and enthusiasm in all the activities you love to keep yourself involved in.

When choosing activities, ask yourself, “Will this keep my interest for the time I will be involved? Will I be able to maintain a light and playful energy as I pursue this, rather than feel pushed and pulled to just get it done?”

You are a bright light with a powerful engine of determination moving you ever forward in life.

Type 1/4


You are a yang yin sandwich!

Your upward, light energy is your constant base of reference that too often gets lost in your need to go within and reflect as well as maintain a preference for structure.

You may feel at times you are in an inner battle between fun and seriousness. Make sure to always come back to your base of upward light energy and not let your more serious side take over.

You have a gift for connecting and engaging with others and the world in a very positive, hopeful way, but you will need to keep a balance by not overextending yourself. So make sure you have your downtime in the form of solitude and an occasional nap to allow you to just check out!

Now that you know more about your yin-yang combination, how will you live true to yourself?

As you were reading through the descriptions, did something stand out to you? I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below and inspire other Type 1 women how you are making changes to create the life you want.

I’m excited for you to shine your light!

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