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Farm Offers Pilates Classes During Which Cute Little Pigs Cuddle With Humans


Watch Cute Pigs Cuddle With People During Pilates Classes!

A creative farm has attracted masses by offering Pilates classes with a special twist – cute little pigs to be precise!

Pennywell Farm from Buckfastleigh, Devon, UK, has launched a special program that involves exercising with pigs to commemorate their 30th anniversary.

Theo Moye – Mercury Press

Piggy Pilates consists of a 50-minute session during which miniature piglets join the participants, “run around like lunatics,” and beg for cuddles. The workout is followed by 10 minutes of cuddling.

According to instructor Harriet Parkes, the creative workout routine is very popular and the farm is getting a lot more visits thanks to their new offer.

Theo Moye – Mercury Press

“We’ve only done two sessions but we’ve had people come from all over the UK to try it,” Valerie Bickford-Beers admitted.

“On our first session someone started crying with joy and another woman told us it was better than her wedding day.

“We launched it in May after we tried goat yoga last year. We thought the goat yoga had potential but goats aren’t very interactive and they weren’t really that interested in the people.”

Theo Moye – Mercury Press

As she added, “pigs are much more sociable and the reaction from both our piglets and our visitors has been fantastic.”

The piggilates classes take place on a monthly basis and cost £35 ($50) for the one-hour experience.

Theo Moye – Mercury Press

“Pigs at Pennywell’s pilates sessions offer an incredible element of fun and enjoyment, they run around like lunatics or lie next to you as you get into a downward dog waiting for a belly cuddle,” Ms. Parkes added.

“The great thing about combining animals and exercise is that it encourages a lot of people to come who might not ordinarily want to exercise.

Theo Moye – Mercury Press

“I’ve had a lot of ladies and gents come along saying they have never done pilates before. People love the pigs and the pilates together, they’ve never been so close to pigs before and it adds something totally new for them.”

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