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Yoga Expectations Vs Reality: I Started Learning Yoga And It Was Nothing Like I Imagined


I was quite ill in February 2017, and my medical doctor advised that I needed to exercise to improve my health. But I didn’t know where to start or what to do, I was coughing and still had a little trouble breathing. My sister advised me to do yoga and recommended me a link to YouTube, the video was Yoga for when you are sick (Yoga with Adriene). And it was more difficult than I expected but I felt better.

I tend to have insomnia and sleep very little and it helped me with that also, so from the first day I did the yoga routine I was very into it and I was having fun with myself because I was struggling with almost every pose! I laughed a lot and had trouble breathing calmly like the video said. A lot of sweat, thinking I was going to die and stuff like that. And decided to draw the instructor pose and myself in the background, kinda like expectation vs reality. I decided to start on posting them in my Instagram account and I didn’t expect that so many people had the same experience like me! I was so happy and grateful for that!

And I have to say that Yoga has changed my life in so many good ways. I feel better emotionally and healthier than ever. And the drawings will continue because I will keep on doing yoga and there are a lot of new pretzel-ly like poses I will try to do in time lol. I hope I can do them and don’t die in the attempt lol.

#1 Child Pose

#2 Crow Pose

#3 Runners Lunge Pose

#4 Forward Fold Pose

#5 Revolved Lunge Pose

#6 Triangle Pose

#7 Wide-Legged Forward Fold

#8 Upward Facing Dog

#9 Wild Thing Pose

#10 Chaturanga

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