What is Qi Gong

\"qi-gong\"Qigong (or ch\’i kung) is an internal Chinese meditative practice with over 3000 years of history, which often uses slow graceful movements and controlled breathing techniques. The Chinese believed that through gentle exercise which incorporates the mind, breathing and body helps to cultivate and promote circulation of qi within the human body, thus enhance a practitioner\’s overall health.

There are various forms of Qigong, some are done with no movement at all, in standing, sitting and supine positions, some with gentle movements and some with movements mixed with stretching of the body or dynamic exertion of power. There are more than 10,000 styles of qigong and 200 million people practicing them all over China and the world.

 The Chinese character for qi, in qigong, can mean air, breath, or \”life force\”. Gong means work, so Qigong is therefore the practice of \”working\” with ones \”life force\”. Currently there is a movement underway in China, the United States, and Europe to preserve the valuable aspects of these traditional Chinese practices and to have them studied using Western scientific methods. Now more and more western medicine doctors, researchers and scientists accepted the fact that through regular practice fo Qigong or TaiChi helps maintain better physical and psychological health and wellbeing. Chinese Traditional Medicine Doctors, practitioners also believed that qi can be felt as a vibration or electrical current and physically circulated through channels called meridians. Many testify to a reduction or elimination of pain through the use of qigong.

 The smooth flow of Qi enables our body to function properly and when the channels or meridians are blocked, the flow of Qi will slow down or become stagnant, illnesses arise and in serious case death. Therefore it is important to keep the Qi flow smoothly.

Health Qigong is a system comprises of some of the oldest Qigongs in China, they are Yi Jin Jing, Ba Duan Jin, Wu Qin Xi, Liu Zi Jue and Twelve Duan Jin, these Qigongs all have more than 1000 years of history.

A group of China\’s best Qigong Masters, TCM professors and medical and sport expert from some of China\’s Famous Hospital and University, appointed and supported by the National Sport Council and Chinese Health Qigong association, to conduct in-depth research and assessment on the beneficial effects they bring to our daily lives.

Through the tireless effort of the masters and experts and numerous trials and assessments, a new system of restructured health qigong exercises based on the thousands years old exercises, aiming at combating problems and medical conditions association with the modern living and lifestyle were introduced to wider public all over China in early 2004.

This system was developed based on ancient Chinese traditional Yin Yang theory (harmony between man and nature, harmony between the mind and body), following the theories of the functions of the internal organs and meridians as well as the principles of circulation of Qi and bloodin the human body.

In recent years Health Qigongs has spread far and wide and now, these exercises are not only practised by enthusiasts in China but also fast becoming one of the most popluar qigong systems practised by people all over the world. Health Qigongs are simplistic, easy to learn and yet offers excellent benefits to physical and mental wellbeing. The Qigongs can be practised at different level to suit people of all ages and p

Through many stringent trials and appraisals with thousands of enthusiasts participated, the Health Qigong have been proven to be extremely beneficial to general health and many other medical conditions. below are just some of the main benefits:

Why Learn from a BHQA qualified Health Qigong Instructor
Health Qigong is an excellent exercise regime, which brings great health benefits to practitioners. However, in order to reap the maximum benefits of the system, it is important to learn from a professionally trained and fully qualified Health Qigong Instructor.

All BHQA trained Instructors are professionally trained through our intense instructor training course and assessed stringently to ensure highest standard of teaching and professionalism. All BHQA instructors are required to be fully insured and CRB checked.