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Pilates Method in Orlando

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Numerous reports have revealed that an estimated six million people across the United States are now strengthening their bodies and minds, and at the same time losing weight with the help of a powerful system known as Pilates Method.
The Pilates method is actually the fastest growing fitness trend in decades, and it has swept the whole Orlando area with storm.

Just like in some areas in the world, the Pilates Method in Orlando is so popular that men and women of different age and race are running after Pilates. Some seek for Pilates teachers and trainers, while others take Pilates classes. As many reports have noted, the Pilates Method in Orlando has now emerged as one of the fastest growing industries.

Today, there are a number of fitness centers and studios offering the Pilates Method in Orlando. Each of these studios upholds the principles of Pilates by offering the best body conditioning Pilates exercises. These studios are even managed by fitness professionals who find the Pilates Method appeals to today’s client who is keenly aware of the current trends. The Pilates Method in Orlando is now achieving acclaim among actors, actresses, athletes, medical professionals and even agingbaby boomers.

Now, if you are currently searching for a particular studio offering the Pilates Method in Orlando, then you should read on for below are few of the most well-known and most trusted Pilates studios and fitness centers serving the Orlando area.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness has been considered as one of the most organized and well-maintained fitness studios in Orlando. This center does not only offer the Pilates Method, but also other fitness classes such as yoga, cycling, kickboxing, step and a lot more. They also provide their customers a full range of strength and cardio equipment. Today, this gym is well-known not only for their service but also for its being so clean.

Citrus Athletic Club

Nestled in the center of downtown Orlando, this high rise gym offers Pilates Method, indoor group cycling and yoga for their Orlando customers. This center is but one of the top rated fitness studios that offer yoga and Pilates Method in Orlando area.

Steel Mill Gym

Located in the Metro area of Orlando, the Steel Mill Gym is considered as one of the few “no contracts fitness facilities in the area”. It now offers the Pilates Method in Orlando, along with aerobics and personal training. Perhaps what is best about this center is that they offer their services 24 hours.

The Fitness Studio of Orlando

According to some reviews, the Fitness Studio of Orlando is the ideal place for a comprehensive fitness program. This center primarily offers personal training, golf specific training and a complete Pilates Method with private and semi-private sessions. Aside from those services, the Fitness Studio of Orlando also provides tennis and swimming training, as well as yoga and circuit training. Note that the hours here are by appointment and class time only.

There are other studios and fitness centers offering the Pilates Method in Orlando area, like the Avalanche Fitness, World Gym, and Cardio Club Fitness Center. All of them offer everything that is expected from an ultimate Orlando Pilates center.

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