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Pilates sessions range in price from $225 to $900 depending on whether you choose a group class or private and on which package you decide to purchase. Call 3188 8112 or email us at  for more details on our group class and private session packages.

Stretching on the Mat & Reformer

Stretch out those tight and contracted muscles with this stretch class on the mat and using the reformer machine.

Mat & Reformer

Class will include Pilates Mat exercises with or without small equipment such as the foam roller and fitness circle before moving on to the Pilates Reformer machine to further intensify the workout with spring tension and resistance.

Mat & Reformer Legs and Butt

Pilates Mat & Reformer class with a focus on toning, strengthening and honing those legs and butt muscles! The class will include exercises on the mat using flex bands and balls then onto the reformer for some extra resistance work for the legs and butt!

Mat & Reformer Abs Blast

A Pilates Mat & Reformer class with a focus on strengthening and tightening those abdominal muscles. A mixed level class. Be prepared to feel your abs on fire!

Core Barre

The Core Barre systems promotes high energy, low impact and fat burning movements based on elements of Pilates, Classical Ballet and Athletic Conditioning. These exercises combined create an awareness and appreciation for beautiful, mindful and Smart Movement.

Silk Suspension

Silk Suspension is a functional training class essential for daily living, injury prevention and athletic performance. Silk Suspension will target your core muscles, build strength and improve performance.


Core Suspend and Cardio Tramp on the reformer combined! The ultimate workout! Start your workout with core suspension training to fire up those deep abdominal muscles before getting on the cardio tramp to ramp up the heart rate and burn some calories jumping your way to stronger legs and abs!

Matwork with Props

Straight mat Pilates class with a focus on core and abdominal strengthening and working into the peripherals. Props such as the fitness circle, foam roller, flexband and balls will be used to intensify the workout in this mat based Pilates class.

Cardiotramp with Reformer Blend

A challenging class combining reformer based exercises and jumping on the cardio tramp. Reformer exercises will focus on alignment and core exercises while the cardio tramp introduces a cardiovascular element to your workout. Jump your way to strong and leaner looking legs with this fun and challenging class.

Suspend with Reformer

Core Suspend and Pilates on the reformer machine combined! This class will challenge you and leave you feeling strong, long and lean! Stregthen those abdominal muscles and build those stabilising muscles with core suspension training before moving on to the reformer to work on your arms and legs.


The Cardio-Tramp is a piece of equipment like a mini trampoline which attaches to the end of the Pilates Reformer machine.  You will spend the class alternating between Pilates exercises and jumping on the cardio tramp from a lying down position! This is a great workout for the legs and core which will raise your heart rate!

Yoga on the Reformer

Like Pilates? Like Yoga? Then you will love this combination class! You will enjoy Yoga poses and stretches using the reformer machine and the resistance of the springs to intensify your Yoga workout!


Specialist class designed for Pre-Natal clients. The class includes stretching and strengthening exercises on the mat and reformer machine which are safe and specifically designed for pregnant clients.


Need some help getting your body back in shape after having a baby? This class will work on strengthening areas such as the abdominal and back muscles and stretching out tight areas in the lower back, hamstrings and chest. Safe and specifically designed for those returning to Pilates after giving birth.

Aerial Pilates

Aerial pilates is a functional training class essential for daily living, injury prevention and athletic performance. Aerial pilates will target your core muscles, build strength and improve performance.


Like Pilates? Like Yoga? Then you will love this combination class! You will enjoy Yoga poses and stretches using the reformer machine and the resistance of the springs to intensify your workout!

Active Stretch with Reformer

Control and release of movements with reformer to improve range of motion.

Private Classes

Private Training Sessions are available by appointment.  Our fully certified instructors will tailor your sessions based on your individual goals, needs and abilities.  Exercises are explained to ensure you understand the purpose of the movements so that you gain greater awareness of your body and the importance of correct placement and movement. In this way you will gain the most benefit from your exercise as you learn to reconnect the mind to the body and the body to the mind.  The modifications and variations for each exercise make our modern take on Pilates a safe and effective workout for everyone from elite athletes to sedentary clients to post-rehab clients to those recovering from an injury. These modifications ensure the mind-body connection starts at your level and then progresses as you get stronger.

Mixing Privates and Group Classes – Privates are particularly good for beginners before commencing to group classes. Privates can be attended as a supplement to group classes to ensure one is keeping good habits in order to get the most out of group classes. Pointers during privates can be memorized and repeated to oneself during group class to improve one’s own particular focus areas.  Privates are also particularly good for those who need personalized attention due to special areas of concern like pregnancy or injury, or simply for those who want to improve faster, those who want a personalized routine or those who want to enhance their performance at a particular sporting activity.  For example, Pilates can be very helpful for keen Golfers as focus can be given on the core abdominal muscles and hip stabilizers which are used during the golf swing. Golfers often report an improvement in their Golf game upon taking up Pilates.


Semi-Privates (2-4 people)

Semi-Private Training Sessions are also available by appointment and are perfect for couples or friends that want more individualized attention than in a group class environment or who have specific goals and objectives for training. Semi-Privates are scheduled at your convenience and offer additional savings over private training. These sessions are a great way great way to have fun with friends and encourage each other.


Schedule & Registration

Registration is recommended for all group classes to secure a space. Priority will be given to clients who have pre-registered.

Package details

All sales on packages are final. Packages are transferable if you are unable to attend anymore, but not refundable.  The majority of our packages carry a 6 months expiry date with the exception of the Evenings Only package (3 months validity), 5 Pack Group package (3 months validity) and Unlimited monthly offers.


As a courtesy to staff and guests, please give at least 24 hours notice when  rescheduling a private, semi-private appointment or group class to avoid incurring a cancellation charge or loss of that session fee.

Studio Etiquette

  • Please bring a towel and bring socks to be worn during the class.
  • Please be courteous to other clients and try to be quiet when classes are in progress.
  • Please turn mobiles to vibrate or silent mode during class.
  • Please refrain from wearing strong fragrances at the studio.

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