Pics Of Rahul Gandhi\’s Dead Moves In Aikido Are Making Rounds Proving That He\’s A Black Belt

Pics Of Rahul Gandhi’s Dead Moves In Aikido Are Making Rounds Proving That He’s A Black Belt

Believe it or not, Rahul Gandhi always finds ways to stay in the headlines. Be it the four walls of parliament or the bylanes of the internet, the Congress vice-president enjoys quite a knack when it comes to going viral. Remember when he introduced us to Pidi? In fact, I have better…

Remember when Olympic wrestler Vijender Singh asked RaGa about his marriage plans? If you don’t here’s what he said. 


Yeah, this about that…day’s conversation.

Woh kya hai na, Vijender Singh, apart from the asking the question of the decade, also asked Rahul if he has any interest in sports like his fellow ministers in the parliament (sarcasm implied). To which pat came the answer, 

“I am a black belt in Aikido – have you heard of it? But I don’t talk about it publicly. I do one hour of sports every day, though I admit I haven’t been doing much in the past three-four months.”

But while he admitted being sports-savvy, everyone (including yours truly) wished that he showed the world some of his moves in the form of pictures/videos (even GIFs if need be).

Because pictures of Rahul Gandhi doing the deed and kicking ass on the mat are making rounds on the Internet and it’s time we rest the case. See for yourself. 

1.*plays intense background music*

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2. Neat, right?

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3. Interesting uniform though!

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4. Does this qualify for a Dhobi Pachhad?

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Pardon my language, I’m still feeling a little strange(r). But, and I don’t know about you, this is certainly a different side of Rahul Gandhi we have never seen. And it’s kinda cool, to be honest. No?

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