Reiki and Hallucination (Visions)

In our life, there are some points when we feel that our life has stopped and become submissive and we are not getting any ways to channelize it towards anything positive. Nothing fruitful is happening and we also fail to get the inner-motivation. Reiki practice is a way that can build up the confidence again in us and help us to find the reasons of such stagnancy and also shows us the light to find new ways.

Reiki meditation is there to help us receive those messages which we always get but don’t understand properly. While doing Reiki meditation or long-distance sessions, we receive these messages which are important to our life. And these messages are known as Visions.

What is Hallucination in Reiki Practice?

While you are practicing Reiki meditation under a Reiki master, you are making a journey where you will be able to have visions from your past which will be used to find out the reasons of misery of your present. Receiving messages during Reiki can happen in two ways-

  1. Visions – You can see, listen or feel things while doing Reiki meditation
  2. Entities – You may see an entity to advice you something or showing you.

Vision and Imagination

To understand these terms you must dig deep. Vision means the things that you want to see and see when you really need those. You may see things at their present form or as they were in the past. You can also visit what they will be. But, imagination is completely different from vision. To understand both of these, you need to realize the difference between vision and imagination.

Imagination is the creation of your mind. It shows you things what you want to see and in which form. Often your imagination shows you things you don’t want to see. Usually, imagination is related to your materialistic mind and what you see revolves around your regular life.

Vision is the creation of your heart. When you have it actually, you feel its effect deep inside your heart. Visions are more profound and often you don’t even get that you have one. This happens because sometimes messages become blurry and becomes quite difficult to be interpreted, usually without any help.

Vision-In Detail

You can get the point if it is discussed with proper example. Suppose, you went for an interview to your dream company and you did well. Now, you can have visions like you have hired or you are doing very well in that company. This time you may also get ‘actual visions’ like having your own company or starting up your own business. Now, you see, ‘actual vision’ gives you the idea of doing something different with your life. But, you are so obsessed with your visions that the ‘actual vision’ don’t get chance to make a footprint in your mind. To state you clearly, ‘visions’ are more material things while ‘imagination’ is about physical world.

Vision can come from the bigger Universe, or from the high-level entities. You can even get vision from your inner-self. And do you know what the most interesting part of this? The problems which seem bigger to you are not that much serious when you are in this ‘realm’. The bigger Universe is not at all concerned of how much money you earn. Rather, trusting the greater entities and the real inner guide of yourself will help you to get over from miseries of your life.

If you are a regular Reiki practitioner, you will definitely get benefits from regular meditation and one day you will surely be able to see what you want.

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