This Pisces New Moon Ritual Will Open Up Your Blocked Chakras

th, the New Moon in Pisces is going to bring a whole lot of energies towards you. It’s best to receive this energy but you can’t do so if your chakras are blocked.

To be one with the energy, you have to let it flow through you. Hence, you can perform a ritual that will help you cleanse your chakra and make you able to be one with this energy.

The Pisces New Moon Ritual

It is best if you can perform this ritual between 5thth March.


-Your favorite smudging tool
-A bowl of water
-Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Moonstone or any of your favorite crystal.

Warning: Crystals which have a name ending with -ite, like selenite or calcite are not to be put into water, so if you are attracted to them, you can hold it near water without putting them into it.

What to do?

1. Start by smudging the aura present in you and then you could go for your surroundings. While smudging, recite:

“Now, I am cleaned and free and light. I can now let the energy of the Cosmos flow through me. I can feel the energy of the Earth grounding me. I’m clear and I’m whole. I’m letting go and now all that will come to be from today onwards till forever will be for my greatest good.”

Now, you can begin smudging the surroundings. Recite:

“I cleanse this place from anything that does not align with me. It is now clean, bright, and good. Now, light can enter it. I draw all the positive energy from my heart, home, and the world that is around me and put in this space. My house is clean and only joy exists here.

2. Now, take about 5 breaths so that your body, soul, and mind could be at rest. Light up the candle.

3. Pick up your favorite crystals and put them in the bowl of water. Now, pick up the bowl in your hands and hold it in such a way that it is aligned properly with your heart chakra. Now, recite:

“I’m charging up the water with soothing and healing energy. It is being charged with light’s power. It is also being charged by the night power. Love flows through me and goes toward it. I’m at peace with all the things I need to do. The water is now charged. I’m open. May all knowledge come unto me.”

4. Put the bowl in front and then put your finger gently in the water. Then, place your hands just over your pelvic area, that is your root chakra, and recite:

“I’m cleansing and recharging my root chakra. It will help me ground myself. It will make me rooted as to who I am and not make me scared to become who I am.”

5. Shake off the moisture in your hands and dab your fingers in the bowl of water again. This time, put your hands just below the belly button, known as the sacral chakra, and recite:

“I bring back good health and restore the balance in my sacral chakra. Let wisdom come down to me and may abundance flow in my way.

6. Shake off the moisture in your hands and dab your fingers in the bowl of water again. This time, put your hands just over your stomach, that is, the Solar Plexus chakra, and recite:

“I open and restore my solar plexus. Now, I can be myself. I feel light and joyous. I feel my energy flowing through me.”

7. Once again, shake off the moisture in your hands and dab your fingers in the bowl of water. This time, move your hands up to your chest center where the heart chakra exists. Recite:

“I open up my heart for all the love to receive. Let it all pour in because I know that love exists out there. My heart is now clear and well.”

8. Again, shake your hands and then dip it into the water. Now, place the hands over your throat area, also called the throat chakra. Recite:

“Let me be able to speak the truth without any hesitation. Now, my chakra is open and so, I am more capable of communicating without fear.”

9. Now, shake your hands again, put your finger in the bowl of water, and then position it in between the two eyebrows, where the third eye is. Repeat:

“I’m removing the blocks from my third eye. Now it is opened up to feel and to see. I can become one with the higher self that I wish to attain. I will be receiving and blossoming now.

10. Now, do the same with your hands and put it in the water. This time, move the hands up and place it on your head. Repeat:

“I am now clean from my top to my toe. I’m restored. Now, I’m open to receive the blessing of the Cosmos. I have complete faith in my universe and I know that my destiny in unveiling before me.”

11. After doing the above, place your hands in the water and then assume a prayer position. Remember that the bowl should be aligned with your heart chakra. Now, take 3 deep breaths, and as you inhale, whisper: “Thank you. I love you.” directed to your own self.

12. Once you are cleaned and light, you can do a guided meditation.

13. When the ritual is complete, extinguish the candle and then, dispose off the water. Pour it out of your house. Let the crystals dry and then keep them beside your bed throughout the night. If you want, you can carry them too. It will give you an extra boost.

Make sure you do the ritual properly so that you get all the energy of the universe within you. Best of luck.

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