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Hello and happy solstice! I am soooooo excited that summer is OFFICIALLY HERE!!!! YES!!! It is my fave time of year! No jackets. All swimsuits. Sun time. Pool time. Fruit all day. Chilled soups and summer salads. Outside life = the only life. AHHHHH!!!!

This also means that Cancer season has officially started! So for my summer babies out there, the workout routine that will best suit your personality is this total body POP Pilates workout that you can do easily in the comfort of your own home. Just turn up your favorite songs and start moving with the music!

Your Cancer Sweat Horoscope:

Cancers tend to be the homebodies of all the zodiac signs, so you may feel more comfortable working out at home instead of feeling like you’re being judged at the gym. That’s why at home workout videos or programs are an excellent place to start for you! Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. You’ll be able to appreciate your progress so much more!

#1. Criss Cross x 50

Make sure to keep you shoulders lifted, as you twist your elbow to your opposite knee!

Works: Transverse abdominals and obliques

#2. Double Leg Lift x 20

Elbows wide as you support your head at the nape of your neck. Keep your shoulder blades off the mat in Pilates Stance. Then press your legs together and lower down your legs as far as you can before your lower back lifts off the mat.

Works: Lower abs, upper abs

#3. Down Dog Butt Lift x 25 each side

In a down dog, lift one leg up as high as you can, hold for a sec, then bring it back down.

Works:  Glutes

#4. Inner Thigh Lift x 50 each side

Lie on your side and support your head with the bottom arm. Grab your upper leg and hold it in front of your body. Then with the straightened bottom leg, do an “awkward foot”. Heel up, toes down, foot flexed. Pulse.

Works: Inner thigh

#5. Kneeling Leg Circle x 30 each side

Make sure your chest and hips are facing forward. Do not look down as you lift your leg!

Works: Core, outer thighs, glutes

#6. Oil Rigger x 15 each side

Be sure to have your elbows into your ribcage. Do not flare your elbows as you lower into your pushup!

Works: Tricep, chest

#6. Side Plank Dip x 15 each side

Keep your chest and hips facing forward! Your bottom elbow should also be directly under your shoulders.

Works: obliques

There you have it! A full body POP Pilates workout that you can do anywhere! It’s tough, but you’re tougher my dear 🙂

If you want to see the entire printable, check out my Pinterest!

Yay! I cannot believe we are halfway through the year! Do you read your horoscope? How accurate do you think yours is to your personality?

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