How Reiki Is Changing Lives Everywhere

How Reiki Is Changing Lives Everywhere

Posted on December 25, 2018

Reiki has been around since it was first discovered in the late 1800s by Dr. Makai Usui. After meditating for 21 days on a mountain, Dr. Usui received a pure essence that came with the knowledge that this would be able to provide healing to those who received it. From that moment on, Reiki has been making its way to those ready to receive over the last hundreds of years.

It has been around for quite some time, however, our understanding and attention to this beautiful healing art has just recently popped up into the collective consciousness. Reiki, translating to Universal Life Force Energy, is the art of channelling Universal Energy through our bodies (especially our heart) through our hands to whatever object is at our focus. This energy healing can be shared in person as well as distantly.

Fun fact! Dr. Usui preferred to share via distant sessions. He would have people bring a picture of themselves to his house and then perform reiki on them in a different part of the house!

Reiki brings a state of balance to the mind, body, and soul, allowing us to live aligned and connected with our highest self. In addition to these amazing benefits, Reiki also helps to enhance our intuition and psychic abilities. We are all vibrational beings that have the ability to change our experience based on what frequency we are living at. Reiki assists us in releasing blocked energy, past traumas, and brings more light into our energy body raising our vibration.

We are beginning to see Reiki appear all around the world. Just today, my father sent me a message of a sign he saw at a hospital for Reiki sign-ups, as we are now beginning to acknowledge the effectiveness this healing provides for hospital patients. Reiki helps us achieve what is best for the highest greatest good. Because Reiki is all knowing and pure love, it changes our lives exactly as it should.

With the increase of Reiki being shared and individuals being attuned to Reiki, this is having a positive effect on all lives everywhere. How?

1. People are beginning to acknowledge and embrace how powerful they are to become their own healer.

Receiving Reiki is amazing. It’s like drinking water… the more, the better. With that said, every healer also needs healers. We are all fully capable of igniting the magic that lies within us and releasing those things we don’t need anymore. Healing ourselves creates space for becoming more aligned with our highest selves. The more people we have living in their power and enjoying their lives, the better the collective energy we are all living in. Everyone is capable of being attuned to Reiki to practice on themselves, others, plants, and animals.

Since Reiki is omnipresent, it knows no time. We are able to work with this beautiful healing energy to work on past traumas, past lives, and also send it to future outcomes.

2. We are welcoming natural healing options for things we use to turn to pharmaceuticals for.

Reiki is a powerful yet gentle medicine that helps recovery in surgeries, heals depression and anxiety, assists in PTSD recovery, alleviates headaches, removes migraines, and much more. Embracing this all natural and loving energy is helping us move from reliance on pharmaceuticals, which can sometimes be a temporary cover-up for something that is in need of deeper healing or clearing.

Note: I am not advising to end seeking proper medical attention for any illnesses or injuries at this time. Reiki is a fantastic addition, and with the advisory of a medical professional, can in some cases become an alternative method.

3. Reiki strengthens our faith and connection with the Divine, allowing for more alignment, flow, fulfillment in our lives.

When working with Reiki, we are working with the Universal Life Force that is pure unconditional love and light. She does no harm, and always has the best intentions for what will be best for the highest greatest good. We can work with Reiki for our personal healing, as well as healing in relationships and situations in our lives. The more we lean into trusting what is unfolding in our lives, the more we shift into alignment and enjoy the flow of life.

Reiki is an amazing gift that supports us in stepping into our power, connecting with the Divine, and living aligned with our highest self. In January, I am offering an 8-Week Journey of Living In Alignment that will help you connect to your highest self through Reiki to help shift and manifest your desires. To learn more about this journey or about learning Reiki, feel free to reach out to me to chat more.

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