7 Signs Your Chakras Are Out Of Balance – Awareness Act

Whether we choose to accept it, or not, we are all energetic beings, composed of particles and atoms that come together to manifest our material beings. Because of this, our energetic vortexes, or chakras, have the ability to change the health and overall well-being of our physical and emotional self.

You may have never heard of chakras, or you could be a spiritual pro. Regardless, you can use these centers to bring your mind, body, and spirit back into balance. And the best place to start is by knowing which of your chakras is out of balance. When a chakra either works too much or works too little, it will affect our physical and mental health. So what signs does our body give us when these centers go a bit whacky?

Well, I am glad you asked.

Located at the base of your spine.

When you have an imbalance in this chakra it will affect your legs, feet, eating disorders, stomach upset, immunity deterioration, and your feet. Mentally, it may leave you feeling as though you are without any purpose or stability, and in some cases, it can cause you to lose your ability to connect with others.

Sacral Chakra

Located in your lower abdomen.

An imbalance in this area will cause you to have kidney issues, reproductive issues, lower back pain, hip pain, pelvic pain, urinary issues, and even sexual issues. Emotionally, you will lack the ability to express your emotions.

Solar Plexus

Located in the stomach region.

Imbalances in this region will affect the liver, cause fatigue, diabetes, gallbladder problems, and hypertension. Inside of your mind, it will leave you with fear of rejection, and an immensely low sense of self-esteem.

Heart Chakra

Located in the region of your heart.

If this region is out of whack, you will have heart problems, chronic bronchitis, breast pain, upper back pain, and asthma. For your mind, you may feel depressed, or have problems with your relationships.

Throat Chakra

Located in your throat.

When an imbalance occurs in this area, you will have ulcers, dental issues, thyroid problems, and a chronic sore throat. You may have a hard time communicating with others and be left with an immense fear that you have no power in your life.

Third Eye Chakra

Located in between your eyes.

You will have extremely intense and painful aches in your head, and may even experience seizures or hearing loss. Blurred vision and hormonal imbalances are also often signs of a third eye imbalance. Mentally, you will lose the ability to maintain focus, and you may feel as though your intuition is gone.

Crown Chakra

Located at the top of your skull.

An imbalance in your crown may impede your mental stability, cause you to have issues with your sensory centers, and prevent you from being able to learn. Emotionally, it will affect your core beliefs, lead you to confusion, and make you fearful of being alone.

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