How Tai Chi gave me my life back!

Before I started Tai Chi and Qi Gong training, my physical condition was so bad that I basically saw only two options: either I hang myself and give in to the pain and physical decay, or I catch myself and fight for a more vital body and keep my zest for life.

Everything started a few years ago. My nerves simply stopped moving. Damage to the spinal column and the nervous system, accompanied by severe nerve pain, required the operation of multiple spine and joint operations. That’s why I used bone implants and metal studs. However, the pain was still only with numerous drugs – and only slightly – to get a grip. I could not stand for a long time and could not walk without a walking stick. Numerous therapy attempts with different physiotherapists remained relatively unsuccessful. The inpatient treatments in the therapy center – twice for several weeks – brought little improvement.

Then I read an article about a Chinese doctor diagnosed with cancer. He was told he had only a short time left to live. Since he was a doctor himself, he knew that the diagnosis was correct and he also knew that conventional medicine could not help him here. But he did not want to accept that and so he studied old medical literature and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Finally, he found the health exercises Tai Chi and Qi Gong, which significantly supported his healing process. When he told his story, it was already 30 years ago. This story and this will inspired and motivated me a lot.
Even my grandson gave me strength and stamina. He was just two years old and was full of energy and life. My big goal was to be able to play with him again.

So I was looking for a Tai Chi school in my area, which should not be an easy task. On the internet, I found a coach who was even a medical doctor. That would be the perfect combination, I thought, and immediately called him. When he heard my story, he interrupted me and advised me to try something different. The risk of possible paraplegia would be too high.

In my mind, however, this success article was still so present that despite the unsuccessful first attempt, I was unable to dissuade from my plan. Again, I was looking for a Tai Chi school and came to the side of the Wudang Academy or Master Ziji (Michael Weichhardt). It was Sunday afternoon when I contacted him and he answered immediately. A few days later we already had the first trial training. This time, I was a bit worried about a renewed rejection of my history back a bit.

The training room was on the second floor and I remember well how difficult that way was for me. Already before the training, I was sweaty. Master, however, was very sensitive and took a good look at my physical problems. He showed me three different exercises – for an hour. I could not hold it any longer. I was completely exhausted and powerless and at the same time, I felt like someone had finally taken a heavy backpack from me. I had regained hope and new courage.

Master gave me a homework course every week, and he stopped me for daily practice. He taught me to walk properly and efficiently and to be in the right position. Also important were the breathing and the Qigong exercises. Although the exercises were not always painless, I trusted my body. After a few weeks, the first signs of improvement began to appear. I was able to reduce the tablet intake and my gait improved noticeably. Friends who had not seen me for several months could hardly believe this change. They had to convince themselves.


P.A in our autumn seminar 2018 with Chen Shiyu

Today – after two years – I still enjoy the smooth and flowing tai chi movements. My physical condition has since improved so much that I can participate once a week in group training. Training has taught me to be better at dealing with my pain while meeting the needs of my body.

I am very grateful for this experience and with my story, I would like to urge everyone to actively take care of their body. At any rate, you are never too old for Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

Best regards

A report by P.A. after 2 years of training in our Wudang Academy.

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