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Tai Chi is one of the most efficient forms of self-development, for healing, for strengthening, for consciousness expansion, and potentiation in total. The Tai Chi Pill is a Tai Chi potion made up of paradigm motions and notions. Relax and enjoy.

The placebo effect is the ability for consciousness triggers to cause healing processes. A recent study, the first of its kind, studied the placebo effect in a new way. The study was focused not on a particular medicine with a placebo sugar pill included alongside, but a placebo pill specifically. The 2009 study concerned those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Some of the participants, to their surprise, received a pill bottle on which was clearly marked PLACEBO. The placebo experiment, instead of noting that the trigger takes place with the belief of the participants that they were ingesting medicine, instead informed the participants that what they were taking had no active ingredients.

The results of the Harvard University (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center) found that even when participants knew they were ingesting a placebo pill it still helped their symptoms. In fact, the placebo pills that were known to be made up of no active ingredients had similar healing effects of two IBS medications used at the time.

This and other studies found that the color of the pill impacted its effect, white kills pain better, blue sedates better. Further evidence indicated the manner in which the physician carried himself was of pinnacle importance. The more caring physicians equated to more healing effectiveness of the placebo pills.

The results compellingly suggest many things, among them that people want a pill to work so much that it will! The main important factor relative to The Tai Chi Pill is that we can flip the switch, trigger sentiment anew at will — to our benefit and detriment. We can trick ourselves and even when we know we are tricking ourselves we can just as easily be tricked by ourselves. We can trick ourselves into falling into bad patterns and trick ourselves out of them. The best way modern medicine has found to insight the consciousness trick to heal is through ingesting a pill while quite often in a defeated posture desperate to try any remedy.

The Tai Chi Pill uses a change in our perception and a refinement of our posture instead of mere swallowing of sugar pills. Tai Chi and The Chi Pill instigates healing and strengthening in a more conscious manner, and in a more empowered state, and thus the potential is greater for healing and strengthening, among all participants.

There is another trick to the placebo effect in total and it reasons one of the first questions often asked of new Tai Chi practitioners. With placebo pills research suggests it is important a gentle bedside manner is instituted and the patient is informed what the effect is. When people take placebo pills, knowingly or unknowingly, they are told, or tell themselves, ‘this pill is to cure X.’ The first question I always ask new practitioners is, ‘why do you want to learn Tai Chi?’ I ask for many reasons but in part it sets the stage for their practice.

‘I want to learn Tai Chi to obtain balance in the chaos,’ some people might say. And I have always responded with positive affirmation that Tai Chi can help such a process. And I am not trying to lie nor promote Tai Chi in for water it does not hold. Tai Chi enables you to be a bettered you.

“Why do you want to learn Tai Chi?”

“I would like to develop better balance and heal.” Might be the response.

“It is helpful for that.”

“And now let’s relax, and smile!”

After the seed is set that Tai Chi can help for that, and more, it is important to simply relax, and smile. The doctor instructs one to take the pill and relax. In Tai Chi we swallow the concept, and relax. We do not try to enhance the effect of the pill, or better digest it, we simply let it happen. This is how we practice Tai Chi.

In the process of meeting some new friends of friends the discussion of their physical ailments came up. Eventually one asked me what I was taking. She essentially asked me, ‘what pills are you taking and for what ailment?’ I barely had time to say I don’t take anything before our mutual friend spoke up and said, ‘He practices Tai Chi.’ The group nodded in conclusive understanding. I take The Tai Chi Pill, I thought.

I take The Tai Chi Pill. I take The Tai Chi Pill as an adoptogen, a preventative, a natural curative, and a healing/strengthening nutrient, all without adverse side effects. The Tai Chi Pill basically requires a mind/body paradigm, and conveniently provides for it. Tai Chi requires relaxation, and also enables it.

The Tai Chi Pill requires almost as much energy devotion to oneself as an allopathic prescription requires devotion to physicians and prescriptions. Everyone wants to be able to take a pill to make them feel better, often enough the flip of the switch in taking a sugar pill will be causation enough to feel better. The Tai Chi Pill works in the same manner, except that the energy we would devote to obtaining prescriptions and changing our lifestyle to take prescriptions — and survive them — we devote time and energy to practicing Tai Chi.

Saliva swallowing is often deemed a moderately esoteric meditative practice in Tai Chi. The idea is to imagine our saliva is imbued with golden light energy and swallow it. We follow the saliva with our attention down into the system to instigate healing and strengthening. When we swallow the saliva pill, so to speak, we imagine it sinking into our system and activating the system from our very center, the dantien. The dantien is our energy and physical center just below our belly button. Comprehension of the placebo effect brings new enhances the Saliva swallowing idea.

Tai Chi is a fantastic form of rehabilitation for healing. Tai Chi is also the Grand Ultimate form of re-habitualization for strengthening. That is to say, that sometimes we may be in a pattern or habit which no longer suits us and is hurting us and Tai Chi enables awareness and ascension beyond set patterns.

If you’d like to explore this concept further, check out Ethan Indigo Smith’s latest book, The Tai Chi Pill, from which this article was excerpted.

The Tai Chi Pill


The Tai Chi Pill is a Tai Chi lesson that will enable you to help yourself. It contains principles, practices and philosophy to enable you to change patterns and enhance the quality of your being.

The Tai Chi pill is an easy to swallow Tai Chi lesson for beginners, with practices and principles which enable you to take Tai Chi into your world without learning a long form. The Tai Chi Pill also contains philosophy that long time practitioners will find applicable to their own practice.

“There is no wrong way to practice Tai Chi, there are only more correct and more refined ways.”

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Activist, author and Tai Chi teacher Ethan Indigo Smith was born on a farm in Maine and lived in Manhattan for a number of years before migrating west to Mendocino, California. Ethan’s work is both deeply connected and extremely insightful, blending philosophy, politics, activism, spirituality, meditation and a unique sense of humor.

You can connect with Ethan on Facebook, check out his author page on Amazon, or visit his websites, Geometry Of Energy and Meditation 108, where Ethan offers lessons on individuation, meditation, the conceptualization of energy, and the metaphysical significance of 108.

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