Announcement: Pilates Principles aid in Better Horseback Riding

by-Jessica McNally

When you ride you quickly become aware how important it is to allow for whole body movement, flowing movement and having muscle balance to enhance the relationship with your horse. Horseback riding and Pilates intertwine on so many levels, that when you begin researching the two it is very clear why people use them in conjunction with one another. They both require you to have a strong core, stabilization in your shoulders and hips, and controlled muscle movement to achieve the ability to produce correct fluid movements. Pilates involves mind body and spirit, the same keys most of us like to say that riding does. In order to work better on horseback and off there are some principles you can apply to your riding and are essential when doing Pilates exercises. There are 8priciples that are essential in Pilates and will improve your skills for riding. Below are two examples of how Pilates will improve your riding.Control of your muscles in Pilates is important in executing a precise movement using muscle control. In riding you need control of your muscles to give the correct aid. When you ask horse to canter you need to use your outside hand and leg at the precise time for the aid to be clear. Having control will enable you to influence your horses balance. This is essential for them to pick up the correct lead when asked to canter. If you are unbalanced when asking for the canter giving the horse canter aides, you are inhibiting the horses balance and they will not be able to pick up the canter in a graceful manner. The ability to control your muscles will enable your horse to make smooth transitions and allow them to balance themselves, instead of trying to balance you and themselves. This leads into the next important factor of why Pilates is essential for riders.

Centering and balance in Pilates everything come from your Core(abs, buttocks, lower back) when you are centered on your horse you are not leaning forcing them to follow your body weight, therefore your horse will continue on the path that is desired. Balance is along the same line as centering, it is essential in your riding so that you don’t fall off. The other important factor is that your muscle will become more balanced too. We all say our right or left leg is stronger or one of our arms. Pilates will bring muscle and body balance to a neutral state so that we are on an even playing field. Once you are balanced and working in sync with your horse you will be able to focus and concentrate on the tasks at hand.

As you can see there is fusion between riding and Pilates. Practicing both will not only make you a stronger rider, but a stronger person too. They intertwine on so many levels making the perfect fit for developing your mind, body and soul into an amazing strong structure of balance and coordination. Many equestrians complain that there are no exercises for helping you become a better rider. These are the people that need to be introduced to the world of Pilates. Once they see the effects that Pilates has on your body and riding, there will be no going back.

Jessica McNally-

Jessica McNally is a Pilates Teacher, Equine Massage Therapist, and life-long equestrian .

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