Reiki II Adding Other Healing Modalities

Adding Healing Modalities for Reiki

Holly Rae Butryn

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Reiki is an amazing healing modality and it needs no other help except your intention. As a Reiki Practitioners, we ask for Reiki (life force energy), to come to us for treating ourselves or for others to other receivers. As it is an intelligent energy, Reiki energy knows exactly where it needs to go without guidance on our part.

Through all of my years as a Reiki Practitioner I have come to add other modalities to my sessions. Each session is as unique as each person.I use some modalities every time and others according to the client’s needs.I do not believe that other modalities are “needed,” but they do help the client receive and accept the sessions on different levels.

My 1st addition was the use of healing stones and crystals.The vibrations help facilitate healing for whatever is needed for the client.Crystals and stones, like Reiki, have strong energy and work well without any side effects.Each stone can be chosen specifically for the dis-ease and vibration of the individual.Crystals and stones will assist to prevent disease and keep us in good health.They provide a gentle healing that is non-invasive which brings us into a state of balance.They can bring balance to our attitudes, emotions and mind by gently up-lifting us, dissolving depression, and eliminating stress in the physical and mental realms.There are different stones and crystals for almost any dis-ease and they have been used for healing and protection since we have been on this beautiful planet.

Chakra balancing is another modality I feel very strongly about incorporating into every session. The practitioner and the client should each have the chakras balanced and opened to maximize the receptivity of the Reiki Energy. Is it an absolutely necessary modality, no, but anything we can do along with our good intent for our self and the client should be used.Each chakra has its own color and stones match to the chakra. I use the most specific stones and crystals applicable to each chakra. Clear quartz can also be placed on each chakra to help in the balancing if other stones are not available.I use 9 chakras:Earth star, root, sacral, solar-plexus, heart, higher heart, throat, third eye, and crown.Starting from the bottom, I lay the stones and crystals on the each chakra.This will help balance the chakras.

I have also incorporated the use of a pendulum which focuses and aids in the balancing process too.Pendulums are a powerful extension of our intuition.I use them in many ways.They assist in removing any negativity from the chakras and balancing them to ease the flow of the healing energy.I use pendulums with stones and crystals, but again, this is a personal choice and they are not necessary for Reiki Energy.I believe a balanced receiver is able to maximize the energy.

Scanning is another very useful tool.In scanning, I use the palm chakra to detect problem area that need extra healing.The hands are held a few inches above the body and I literally scan the body using your palm chakras.My palm chakras may feel heat or cold, indicating any blockages there may be.I then focus my intention to these specific areas and more Reiki Energy goes to these areas.Scanning can help you to find the root cause of the client’s symptoms.As the practitioner, I “intend” for these areas to have extra attention from the beginning of the session.

Beaming Reiki helps channel Reiki to our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.It can be done before or after the session.This process lasts only a few minutes.It is done by standing 6 to 8 feet away, holding the hands open, palms facing the person.After drawing the Reiki symbols in the air in front of me, I beam Reiki energy to the person for a couple of minutes.Beaming Reiki energy helps to cleanse and heal by removing blockages.

I also recently found a wonderful tool when I was in Peru a few weeks ago.I was visiting a shaman shop in Cusco and discovered Pyntitos (little points). They consist of 7 spherical objects, about 1 ½” diameter with points numbering one to seven which correspond to the seven major chakras (one has one point, another 2 points, etc.) By holding them over the body at each chakra, a beautiful sense of balance comes to that area.Doing this at the end of a session assists the healing process by helping to any dissolve and negative cords that might remain in the body. 

If the client is open and agrees, one of the most useful things I do is work with Arch Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides.I call in my own personal guides to assist me, as well as calling in the personal ones for the receiver.Before every Reiki session I ask for the guidance of the Arch Angels and Ascended Masters who help guide all earth healers.I invite not only mine, but also any that the receiver might need.I ask, for the good of myself and the receiver, to give me the words to speak, messages to give and healing to share for both of us.This is a very personal, spiritual connection and in no way changes the effects of the Reiki, but I feel it makes it even stronger.

I also use Reiki to infuse my tools with its universal healing energy.Stones, crystal, pendulums etc. all need to be cleansed and can be infused with healing Reiki energy.Modalities are all personal choices, these are mine.Many times I am guided to others.Ask and Listen.What does each session require?What does this body and mind need to have a fulfilling healing session? I let the Reiki energy move through me to heal and ground myself so that I may be an even clearer facilitator.

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