Yin & Yang Yoga Retreat – Xinalani Yoga Retreats in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico




A perfect blend of therapeutic hatha yoga asana and meditative yin yoga asana.

Patterns define our lives look around you right now. Look carefully and you will notice the patterns surrounding you. All patterns are formed by contrast and energy. The balance of Yin and Yang energy will be the focus of our week-long dive into these complementary practices for physical and mental health.

• The Yang practice will be traditional Hatha Yoga consisting of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. You will learn to master how to hold your body in space comfortably, where the depth of the posture is irrelevant and finding steadiness and your breath is paramount.

• In contrast the Yin practice will work with connective tissues such tendons, bones, ligaments and joints of the body. The Yin postures are held for 1-5minutes. The idea is to completely relax the muscles to allow your connective tissue to be accessed.

Both practices are suitable for all level of students.  Your journey begins with a single step.

**Not Included: Airfare to Puerto Vallarta (PVR) | Spa treatments |  Alcohol |  Gratuities for Staff  | Personal Items or Souvenirs  |  Travel insurance (We Always Recommend)**

Tessa Tovar

Tessa is passionate about using yoga as a vehicle to heal and attune oneself to a deeper level of self-understanding. She loves to infuse her classes with music, essential oil, and loving hands on adjustments to ensure that students leave the mat with a feeling of peace and purpose.  She strongly believes that showing others the way to themselves through yoga is her duty in life. We all have this innate gift of being able to tap into our heart space, to be still listen and receive the medicine of life, sometimes all we need is a reminder and the space held for us. Tessa received her yoga teaching certification in 2016 through . Tessa has been practicing yoga since 2002 and has dabbled in several varieties of yoga; Vinyasa, Bikram, Yin, Kundalini, Hatha, Pranayama, Mantra, and Meditation. 

Aaron Goodman

Aaron started practicing yoga in 2010. He was drawn to yoga for the fitness aspect and to help prepare him for his first marathon. With yoga and a passion for running, he lost over 60 pounds in under two years. Aaron’s life was changing and it was clear to him that becoming a yoga teacher was the next step in his growth, physically, mentally and spiritually. Aaron completed his first yoga training in 2013, it focused on Traditional Hatha Yoga. It was a grueling nine week course, that broke him down physically, but his mental strength was his saving grace. Aaron completed his second yoga training in 2016, it focused on Vinyasa Yoga and the Yoga Sutras. This training was a breath of fresh air, allowing him to dive into a different style of asana. Aaron’s third and most recent training was in 2017, it focused on Traditional Yin Yoga. It showed him how much his body was craving a gentler style of exercise. Teaching yoga is Aaron’s passion. He uses his voice to hold space for his students to grow in their yoga practice.






While a more detailed schedule will be sent closer to the retreat date, there will be an evening class on the day of arrival, a morning class on the day of departure, and morning and evening classes on the other days. Lots of free time to relax, get a massage, frolic in the warm ocean water, or take part in one of the many optional excursions.

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