Wing Chun Fighter Challenges MMA Fighter, Only Lasts 6 Seconds

A Wing Chun enthusiast in southwestern China is being ridiculed on social media after challenging MMA fighters and losing a match in just a few seconds.

The embarrassing fight apparently took place at a gym in Chengdu, Sichuan province last December, but it was only this week when the footage made rounds outside the Chinese internet.

In an apparent attempt to test his skills, the Wing Chun practitioner, who has not been identified, challenged fighters from a local MMA promotion on Douyin, China’s TikTok, according to YouTube channel .

Soon, professional fighter Li Jinhong responded to the man’s call, only to put a humiliating end to the “audacious” challenge.

In the now-viral match, the Wing Chun practitioner, dressed in traditional clothing, is seen getting a leg kick and a one-two to the chin before taking a grim fall.

Li attempted to strike once more, but the referee jumped in to call the fight over.

The match, which ended in just six seconds, prompted cheers from viewers outside the cage.

The Wing Chun fighter triggered the same weight of ridicule on YouTube as he did on Chinese social media:

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