Treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder (Cure for ADD) | Cures by Reiki

Symptoms of the Patient before Treatment: Unable to concentrate Lack of Focus Extremely forgetful Absent-mindedness & Dull Easy irritability Very less communicative
During Sessions and Post-Reiki Therapy: Increased concentration. Patient started paying attention to everything. Gained alertness and presence of mind. Reduced irritability. No difficulty in remembering things
My patient was 23 years old male. He was referred to me via a family friend. During consultation, he was accompanied by his father. One thing I noticed was that he didn’t utter a single word about himself. His concerns were reported by his father. Patient had not received any psychiatric diagnosis. Family didn’t see mental health clinic due to social stigma attached to it. Upon chakra examination, I came to know that heart chakra was also disturbed and that was an indication of emotional issues. Tried to communicate with patient, but he was not responding at all.
I decided to treat his Crown and Third Eye chakra for concentration, focus, alertness and so on. Then as I noticed that patient was quite reserved, I treated his Throat and Eye chakra also. Session length was 60 minutes on daily basis. Right from 1 st session, patient experienced deep sleep during treatment. I decided to give 20 long sessions and rest to be based upon result. After just 2-3 initial sessions, I came across few more details from one of his family member, that person also had a tendency of not feeling home at his own house, he preferred to stay alone when at home, and felt more comfortable with outsiders, very less expressive and doesn’t show any concern or emotional attachment after his mother’s death. Basis further inquiring about his childhood days and time before that, it became clear that my patient was suffering from pre-natal trauma. He had some emotional issues which his mother had suffered during her conceive.
Now, things were pretty much clear. This was the case of emotional trauma & I had to go for trauma healing. First he had to be treated for his trauma and then rest would follow automatically. I decided to go for 10 more sessions by adding Root Chakra to his treatment. Only after 3 sessions, patient began to respond. He began sharing experience about his session as well some small talks. After 6 th session, patient started sharing voluntarily that, he was thinking of joining a new course which is required for his career. And by 10 th session, he shared that before few days I was nervous about my career, was upset about my job performance and worried about future, in general. Now I feel confident about my future and surely will achieve something. I have regained my concentration and focus, am more alert and have joined course and doing well in same. Treating trauma helped alleviate his other concerns of life too.
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