Music for Opening the third eye, pineal and pituitary gland – Binaural sacred frequency meditation

Music to activate the pineal and pituitary gland, the third eye. This binaural music also serves to activate the mind, creativity, concentration, intelligence, consciousness, etc. Perfect music to relax and meditate on your day to day.

The concept of the THIRD EYE, also called the EYE OF THE MIND, is a universal symbol linked to the psychic vision: while the eyes see outward everything material, the THIRD EYE would refer to the perception of the spiritual, looking inward .

Activating our pineal gland will bring benefits such as \”openness\” or connection with our divine essence, our universal energy accompanied by a feeling of happiness, positivity, joy and permanent well-being.

Prepare an adequate environment
Put some headphones
Sit comfortably or lie down
Close your eyes and let yourself go, feeling the energy in the eyebrows.

Author: Claudio Ariel Clarenc

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