Lucy Liu Diet And Pilates Workout Secrets: Dazzles Tony Awards Red Carpet –

Lucy Lui’s anti-aging fitness secrets are a portion-controlled diet, running and Pilates workouts. (Photo: Instagram)

Lucy Liu looked gorgeous in yellow on the red carpet of the 2016 Tony Awards, where she was a presenter.

Liu looked like a princess in a flowing Zuhair Murad halter dress that spotlighted her tiny waist.

Judging by her sleek physique, it’s hard to believe Lucy is 47 years old.

Liu’s fitness and weight loss secrets are a portion-controlled diet, running and Pilates workouts.

The 5-foot-3 Lucy, who stars on the hit TV series, Elementary, said running combined with Pilates has made her legs look longer and leaner.

“I don’t have long legs, but through the combination of Pilates and running, they look longer and feel better than they ever have,” Liu told Fitness. “Pilates has engaged my core and made me feel more confident in that area.”

Pilates promotes lean muscles and weight loss by working your mid-section and lengthening your body, said fitness expert Brooke Siler, author of The Women’s Health Big Book of Pilates.

Lucy Liu, who put her martial-arts skills to use in the action flicks Charlie’s Angels and Kill Bill, works out at home when her hectic shooting schedule doesn’t leave time for hitting the gym.

Lucy Liu said the combination of running and Pilates have given her longer, leaner legs. (Photos: Fitness, Celebrity Health Fitness)

“I don’t always, but I can do Pilates at home with a ball and I have a treadmill,” said Lucy. “I run while watching ‘Downton Abbey,’ and I increase the speed a little at a time, decrease it, and then raise it again. I’ve found that running is the fastest way to lose weight.”

Liu says regular exercise motivates her to stick to a healthy diet. “When I’m exercising, I’m not as likely to eat sweets and junk food because I tend to feel really good about myself and my body, so I don’t want to ruin it,” said Lucy.

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